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Hot tips: Assessing cuts in tyres

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The criteria for assessing cuts in tyres can be confusing, so let’s look at what needs to be considered.

Firstly, visually examine the tyre for cuts.  Where a cut is evident and cord is visible - Fail (cords exposed).

If no cord is visible, then assessing the cut requires a more physical inspection. Start by assessing, or measuring if necessary, whether the cut is more than 25mm long or 10% of the section width, whichever is greater (this will be 25mm for most vehicles as very few light vehicles have tyres wider than 250mm).

  1. If the cut is shorter than this – Pass and advise.
  2. If the cut is longer than this, open the cut with a blunt instrument taking care not to cause further damage.
  • If cords are then visible – Fail (cut deep enough to reach the ply or cords) Note: it must be visible cord, not cord felt with the blunt instrument or the ripple of cords under a thin layer of rubber.
  • If no cord can be seen – Pass and advise.

Following this process should enable you to always assess a cut tyre correctly.

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