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Keep staff records straight

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One of the most common questions we’re asked is how to add and remove roles on the VTS Device.

Although keeping site roles up to date on your VTS Device isn’t directly related to your risk score, it could be affected if you haven’t conducted QC checks against testers who have left but whose roles haven’t been removed. Also, messages about your site or personnel could be sent to staff who no longer work for you.

Here’s how to add and remove roles on your VTS Device:

Before a role can be assigned to a user, they must have a user ID, an active smart card, and used the ‘Permit a New Role to be Assigned’ function.

keep staff records straight diagram 1


If you are a site manager, you will only see ‘Update User Roles (Site)’, but if you have an AE-related role, you will see ‘Update User Roles (Site)’ and ‘Update User Roles (AE)’.

Enter the user’s ID, as shown on the smart card. The site number field will either be blank or greyed out, depending on which version of the function you are using - Site or AE. Select ‘Display Current Roles’.

The screen will show the user’s name, the roles they hold, and which roles can be assigned. To assign a role/s, highlight the role from the list and select ‘Add Role’ (F3). To remove a role/s, highlight the role from the list and select ‘Remove Role’ (F4). Once roles have been added or removed select ‘Update Users Roles’ (F2).

Site Assessment Score

AEs can check their Site Assessment score using the VTS Device. To check go to - ‘Update VTS Operating Details’ function. From the main menu:

keep staff records straight diagram 2


We recommend that you regularly check your risk score as it will change as the site assessment process is updated.


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