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MOT testing service status

We’ve introduced a new status page for our MOT digital services, such as MTS and MOT reminders.

The improved status page replaces our existing content on this page

The page hosts real-time information and shows if any of our MOT digital services are not operational, with regular updates on the progress we are making to resolve incidents.

It also provides a live feed of information about those services during periods of planned maintenance.


Getting and entering a contingency code

For information on how to enter contingency codes, take a look at our contingency testing guidance.

To find out how another tester can also enter a contingency test if the original test isn't available, take a look at our guidance on known issues and workarounds for the MOT testing service.

If a contingency code is not displayed above, and it's outside of MOT testing service desk opening hours, email to request a code.

Help and support

The DVSA Customer Service Centres is open  Monday to Friday between 7:30 and 6pm.

Telephone:  0300 123 9000.

Keep up to date

We regularly send email updates to MOT testing service users with important information and news about the service.

To make sure you get these updates, check your email address is correct on your MOT testing service profile.