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Three mileages odometer history

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Highlighted Problems

The addition of the odometer history on test certificates has revealed a number of issues. The major problems concern the incorrect identification of vehicles. This can create a false record, failure to link to the vehicle’s previous history, attach a false test to another vehicle’s history, and potentially doesn’t pass on any extended test expiry date. 

MOTComp (MOT Computerisation) prompts testers to check again if it cannot match vehicle details. With the exception of mismatched VINs and VRMs, mis-identification of a vehicle is likely to be due to a failure to follow laid down procedures:

· Do not use a database to populate job cards or for obtaining a vehicle’s VIN.  Any error in inputting the VRM will obtain the wrong VIN and hence by-pass the checks by the system.  Obtain the VRM and VIN from the vehicle;

· Do not re-register a vehicle following realisation that a mistake has occurred.  Phone the VOSA local office or Contact Centre and provide the details of the error.  We will correct the test details and enable you to issue a duplicate;

· Where you inadvertently transpose characters in a VIN, the system may return a possible close match.  Do not accept this match without checking the vehicle again;

· Where you are testing a vehicle with a body conversion e.g mobility conversion, it is likely that the body builder has registered his own VIN with DVLA.  Please check for another VIN plate, especially if the vehicle manufacturer’s VIN doesn’t result in a match on the system.

This advice will help you to enter information carefully and accurately. Make sure that you always follow procedure.


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