Horror story: Stapled belt

horror-story-seat-belt cropped

Ian, from Castlehill services, sent us this picture of a seat belt repair on a 2005 Suzuki Vitara which was presented for an MOT. On inspecting the rear seat belts, Ian found that both outer belts had been damaged. Someone had cut out the damaged areas and stapled the two parts back together using staples only suitable for paper.

Do you know your responsibilities as an Authorised Examiner?

AE responsibilities

Being authorised to carry out MOT tests comes with many responsibilities; many of which are often overlooked. The role can range from looking after equipment, the garage facilities and layout, through to making sure testers are fully trained. If you’re an AE (Authorised Examiner), here’s a few of the things you’ll need to keep in mind when running your MOT business.