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Your questions answered: Can I test a 3300kgs DGW passenger vehicle?

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Question: I have a passenger vehicle in for test, but it’s 3300kgs DGW (Design Gross Weight). Can I test it?

Answer: Before being able to test the vehicle, you’ll need to identify its class.

A passenger vehicle will be either a Class 4 or 5 depending on the number of passenger seats. If the vehicle has no more than twelve passenger seats it will be a Class 4, thirteen or more and it will be a Class 5.

If it’s a Class 5 then you’ll also need to consider the vehicle’s DGW, if it is no more than 5000kg then it will be considered a Class 5 Light.

Once identified, and provided that you and your site are authorised to test the appropriate class, then you can test it. Also, the garage and equipment must be able to physically accommodate the vehicle for it to be tested safely.


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