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Your questions answered: Does removing a passenger seat result in a fail?

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dashboard seatbelt warning light with an orange question mark on each side of it

Question: I have removed the front passenger seat in order to provide wheelchair access for my disabled partner. Because the wiring of the seat is disconnected this shows up as an SRS (Supplementary Restraining System) fault. Is this an MOT failure?

Answer: We’ve had a number of queries like this and the important thing to note is that; if an SRS Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is indicating a system malfunction then it is an MOT fail. Even if the vehicle has been modified for disabled use.

However, people with specialist skills and equipment, such as an auto electrician, are able to carry out these kinds of modifications without causing the SRS MIL to indicate a system malfunction and therefore meet the requirements for the MOT test.

Many vehicles also have a passenger airbag lamp to indicate when the passenger airbag is active or been disarmed. This is not an SRS MIL and therefore not a testable item. Similarly, if a seat has been removed, any corresponding seatbelt and associated components, such as a pretensioner, would also not be considered testable items.

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  1. Comment by Kevin from Hull posted on

    Just had motor caravan in with swivel seats fitted. S.R.S light on. After checking the testers manual there seems to be no provision for modifications. It's a fail. I print the appropriate page off out of the manual and give it to the customer to show the reason for my decision.

  2. Comment by Pete posted on

    On the manual advisory section it has > Seats removed at time of test, (tick box)
    Also you can enter how many seats fitted (excludind driver) when registering for mot.
    Hope that helps

  3. Comment by Steve posted on

    It doesn't matter if the vehicle has been modified or not, if the warning light is on - it's a fail.

  4. Comment by andy posted on

    Still haven't answered the question though

    • Replies to andy>

      Comment by Rob posted on

      It was answered in the first paragraph if it's on fail it, there could be a fault aswell as The seat been disconnected