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Horror story: Track rod ends

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Andrew Nash from Deal MOT Centre sent us this example of poor workmanship found on a Toyota Land Cruiser he tested.

Someone attempted to remove the track rod ends. After removing a nut they replaced it with a wood screw to make what they thought was a safe repair. This is obviously a failure under RfR 2.2 C1 g of the manual “a retaining or locking device missing” along with the damaged dust cover (RfR 2.2 C1 c).

Horror Story Track Rod End 1

On the other side of the vehicle, the track rod end nut was left loose with no split pin, as it could only be undone half way. There’s also clear evidence of the application of heat as seen in the damage caused to the other dust cover. If there are signs of excessive heat having been applied to a steering component this would also be a failure (RfR 2.2 C1 e), although this is difficult to assess from the photograph.

Horror Story Track Rod End 2

Luckily for the owner these joints had not completely separated before being found at MOT otherwise it may have resulted in a serious accident.

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  1. Comment by Hugh Rogers posted on

    So, the "fault" would seem to be a screw loose, under the bonnet. Which makes a change from the fault being a "nut" let-loose on the steering column. Which just goes to show, "A little bit of knowledge, is a dangerous thing." Which makes one wonder, what would the vehicles on our roads be like, were it not for an annual MOT ? The present MOT may not be perfect, in overlooking some aspects, but.

  2. Comment by Stephen newman posted on

    I've failed that sort bad work man' ship my self on a class 7 transit

  3. Comment by Daniel F posted on

    Let's not penalise all DIYers.
    Many of the decent mechanics I know have no formal qualifications.
    My own skills exceed many of the mechanics I do know, and that is from personal experience.
    I do all work on my own vehicles, including the rebuilding of motorcycle engines and ive never had any failures resulting from the work ive done... in fact I'm extreme anal about what I do because my bikes hit 180mph on tracks and it needs to be sound.

    While I agree this sort of 'evidence'? is scary, realistically when was the last time you heard of an accident on the news being caused by shoddy workmanship? This is typical workmanship from a person with no common sense whatsoever, and creating more regulations that in effect bans DIY mechanics will not stop these people.

    What would be useful however, is charging them with an offence. For instance, 'carrying out work to a road vehicle which left it in a dangerous manner; posing a severe threat to occupants and other road users'. Prosecute them and they should learn to leave well alone in future.

  4. Comment by Lawson posted on

    Could not agree more with marks comment, more legislation we would all frown upon . But there should something to put a final stop to this sort of shoddy workmanship. Dangerous beyond belief !

  5. Comment by mark posted on

    Ok as I'm sure you'd all agree a competent Mechanic would never leave a vehicle in this condition!! This is obviously the work of a non competent person pretending to be a qualified, skilled mechanic, I'm sure we all agree that a vehicle repair like this is potentially life threatening!!
    Isn't it about time mechanics were licenced as gas engineers are!!!
    And road side spanner monkeys were banned!!!!!

  6. Comment by Steven Mayhew posted on

    And to think that murmurs of 4-2-2 are still going about. Think on!

  7. Comment by Mark posted on

    Scary to think someone thought this was an ok repair

  8. Comment by Ammit posted on

    Oh, no!!!!! Horrifying!!!!!

  9. Comment by brian stallard posted on

    thankfully we still have a yearly mot!