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MOT annual training: individual and group training

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New annual training will replace the former refresher course. In these videos, we spoke to testers who took part in the pilot to get their feedback.

Individual training

"Working on my own, I chose to do the training on my own.

A good part of the training was that I did all myself, obviously cross-referencing everything with the manual, and spoke to colleagues afterwards.

I tended to do it at night at home with a laptop, and the questions in hand, and the next day discussing it with whoever the tester was I was working beside the next day."

Group training

"I quite liked us getting together and doing group meetings and discussing certain things.

With the groups you'll be able to discuss the matter with your fellow testers, colleagues.

We prepared a quiz to ask each other - with the correct answers, obviously. We gave each of them a paper to mark, and then obviously they decided how well they'd done afterwards.

You never know everything, and you are always learning things and it is sometimes nice to go over things and just refresh it in your head really."

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