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New testing directive - Read all about it!

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As most of you may know, the new testing directive went live on 20th March following the special notice 1-2013. From this, VOSA received a lot of positive coverage in the press including the Daily Mail on line, The Sunday Times, Wales on line, Fleet News, Liverpool Echo, the Express, Daily Telegraph and more.

VOSA CEO Alastair Peoples explained how the changes were all about bringing testing up to date. “The MOT test is designed to make sure that a vehicle is fit to be on the road and so it needs to be updated to reflect new vehicle technology. We at VOSA have worked closely with the industry to make sure they are prepared for the changes; and testers have been letting customers know about the new items at the MOT test for more than a year to make sure they are ready for the changes.”

VOSA’s Head of Testing Schemes, Alan Wilson, was interviewed and he explained that the MOT represents the minimum standard and that motorists should not rely on it making sure their vehicle is roadworthy all year round. “This is the standard for a vehicle beyond which it must never fall. You may get your MOT once a year, but in law, if your car is failing an MOT on any of those 365 days of the year, you’re probably committing an offence because you’ve allowed that vehicle to drop below the standard.”

There were many other enquiries around why the new items were being introduced and whether it would improve the MOT. Hopefully with all that press coverage your customers might gain a better understanding of what the MOT is all about.

Take a look at some of the coverage below.

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