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Your questions answered: June 2013

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Q. If the steering lock is not working or removed, is the immobiliser in the key acceptable as a device?

A. The inspection of steering locks only applies to certain vehicles first used from 1 September 2001, and all vehicles first used from this date will also have been fitted with an engine immobiliser from new as a Type Approval requirement (except maybe some imports). Therefore, a vehicle should only fail for a steering lock missing if it is clear that the immobiliser isn't working. Otherwise, the vehicle can be passed and customer advised

This is important as on some vehicles it may not be readily possible to determine or prove that the immobiliser is working.


Q. How quickly is MOT Comp updated for customers to tax their vehicles?

A. The data inputted by testers goes onto the MOT Computerisation database immediately. The database then updates DVLA’s records overnight.

If a vehicle owner wishes to tax their vehicle before DVLA records have been updated, DVLA will look to see if a new record exists on MOT Computerisation. A post office also has the facility to check the MOT Computerisation database.


Q. Special Notice 01/13 advised that a tow bar not fitted does not require the 13 pin plug to be tested. Do you actually mean that the tow ball/pin is not fitted so there is no requirement to check the 13 pin?

A. Section 1.9 Information Column states: If a tow ball or pin is not fitted at the time of test, e.g. because it is detachable, has been unbolted or otherwise removed, but the attachment brackets are still in place, any trailer electrical socket should still be assessed.

This does not apply if the attachment brackets have been deliberately rendered unfit for further use.

This criterion matches the assessment for tow bar attachment brackets in Section 6.6, so there is some continuity.


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