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Get the right internet browser for your new MOT system

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One of the areas we’re looking at is the range of browsers you’ll be able to use for the new MOT system when it goes live in 2015.

For those of you less confident about using computers, a ‘browser’ is a piece of software which allows you to ‘browse’ the internet and view websites. As you’ll recall, the new testing system is web-based, so you’ll need a browser to access it.

If you use the internet for anything, you’ll have a browser. But it may not be obvious which one you’re using. Each type of browser is slightly different. They’re included with any internet-enabled computer, laptop or tablet you use, or you can get them for free off the internet.

For example, any IT equipment using Windows will include browser software called ‘Internet Explorer’, while Apple equipment uses one called ‘Safari’.

Each browser has different versions. The latest ones make it easier and quicker for you to surf the internet and use more features on websites.

You’ll need to have the correct browser installed on your testing IT equipment to access and use the web-based testing system which MOT Modernisation is building.

Our current thinking is that to use the new system you’ll need to have one of the 4 most popular browsers installed on your IT equipment:

  • Chrome (latest version) – supplied by Google
  • Firefox (latest version) – supplied by Mozilla
  • Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and above (IE10 and IE11) – supplied by Microsoft with its latest IT equipment
  • Safari 7 – supplied by Apple with its latest IT equipment

If you don’t use or have any of these browsers installed, they’re free to download off the internet so you’ll find that it’s very easy to get them.

However, there are some older computers and computer operating systems that may not support these modern browsers – so you would need to upgrade first.

You don’t have to change or update your browser right now – but you should be aware that this will affect your ability to use the new system when it goes live in 2015.

To find out more about browsers, you can check which version you currently use and update to one which will work with the new system at

We’ll soon release details of the IT software and hardware you’ll need to run the new system – keep reading Matters of Testing and our new MOT Modernisation section on GOV.UK.

Before we finalise our policies in this area, we’d welcome your views. So if you have any questions or suggestions about browsers and MOT Modernisation, email your feedback to

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