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Horror story: Looking tired

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We see a lot of tyres below the legal limit and it’s regularly among the top five failure items, but we hope you don’t see many like this.

The vehicle owner thought the tyres may be getting a little worn and asked Tim Ferris of Ferris Garage Limited to order some in for its MOT. I don’t think Tim or his team were expecting this though when the vehicle arrived. Like them, we’re not sure which is more horrifying – the state of the tyres or that the owner had just completed the school run.

Bald tyre
We see a lot of tyres below the legal limit and it’s regularly among the top five failure items, but we hope you don’t see many like this.


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  1. Comment by Mark posted on

    I often see tyres worn like this on the inner shoulder,so is frightening to think what may happen if two year mot come in

  2. Comment by Hugh Rogers posted on

    Isn't it always the way, there is NEVER a Policeman around when one wants one ! This idiot, must have been driving about, skidding about, for ages and ages. A bald spot, one might miss, but this. How no-one noticed is shocking. He could have been behind you or I, and failing to brake, crushed us at the next set of red traffic lights.

  3. Comment by john bryden posted on

    sadly as Ian above said, it is far from uncommon to see cars presented for MOT with tyres worn too and sometimes through the reinforcement cords
    only today we had one with cords exposed on the edges. the reply when this was pointed out was "that might be why the steering wheel wobbled and shook when I drive over 15 mph"
    another mother doing regular school runs

  4. Comment by M Razzaq posted on

    I recommend any vehicle is a year old should have some sort of very basic MOT testing

  5. Comment by edward posted on

    This kind of fault is not uncommon even on 1&2 year old cars, some form of testing should be done in the first year nevermind 4 2 2 testing !!!

  6. Comment by Ian Bienias posted on

    It winds me up when you see tyres like this with 3 or 4 child seats fitted as a full time tester I see tyres like this at least once a week and it still surprises me when people looked shocked an tell me they only had them fitted a year ago.

  7. Comment by Laurence posted on

    I recon the reason people don't worry too much about their tyres is because it is so easy to not notice, as the tyres wear down over time it is very difficult to notice any difference in the handling and braking distance of the car, the only way you will find out is when it is too late.

    The government have done well in making the large majority of people aware about things like seatbelts, as a driving instructor I have never had a pupil who failed to put their seatbelt on immediately after entering the car. Perhaps the same approach needs to be taken with tyres, so it becomes a second nature thing, like a seatbelt.