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IT equipment MOT garages will need in 2015

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DVSA is building a new ‘web-based’ MOT testing system to replace MOT Comp in 2015. Over the course of 2015, all VTS devices will be turned off and you’ll all need to have the right IT equipment in place in order to access the new system and carry on testing.

This means you’ll be responsible for your own IT equipment, and any future repairs and maintenance.

But there’s no need to worry about buying a load of new IT kit. Most of you will already have the right equipment in place.

The new system is being designed to run on most Windows and Mac OS set-ups, for PCs and laptops with 1024 x 768 screen resolutions, and recent Android or iPad tablets with screen sizes of 9 inches and above.

However you don’t have to use a tablet. You can use any combination of this IT equipment to enter test results with the new security system which will replace your current smart card.

As long as your internet access is fast enough at your approved premises, then you can use what you like - the choice is entirely up to you.

If your equipment can use one of the recommended browsers to search the internet at download speeds of more than 0.5 megabits per second (Mbps) then you shouldn’t have any problems.

For example, if you can visit the GOV.UK website and browse its pages without interruption then you should be OK.

To achieve this speed, you can use a typical fixed-line, 3G, 4G or satellite broadband connection. DVSA research has shown that 99% of garages already have access to these kinds of connections.

The equipment you decide to use will depend on the size of your garage and your specific day-to-day needs and requirements.

We'll provide more information nearer to the time to help you make the right choices for you. We’ll soon be releasing the exact details of the IT security arrangements which we’ll be putting in place.

Find out more about IT equipment on GOV.UK

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  1. Comment by Vicky Stanley posted on

    I carry out my mots on a different premises to my own. If I fail an mot at the testing station on for example tyres, can I re test the vehicle on my premises with my internet as no measured results are needed. Or do I still need to go back to the testing station to log back in??

  2. Comment by Ste Hen posted on

    We have computers in the garage and the office, will we be able to use multiple devices, we seem to be having problems logging in on any other computer that wasn't used to register?

  3. Comment by C.B. Wraight posted on

    Would the following be suitable for this new system:
    I've looked over the documentation supplied by VOSA and I think storage (16GB) could be an issue (although, the new system is web based, so how much storage could you need?) and ChromeOS is not mentioned as a supported operating system. But it does run the Chrome browser.
    Would appreciate some confirmation on these points, thanks.

  4. Comment by Gordon Crichton posted on

    Has a specific date been agreed yet when this change has to be implemented by.? G Crichton SM/ NT .........VB Motors Yoker Glasgow

  5. Comment by kevin posted on

    what is to be done with the existing equipment ?

  6. Comment by Stephen Roberts posted on

    What minimum Upload Broadband speed is required?

  7. Comment by James Mearns 17/12/2014 posted on

    Why must the resolution of the screen be 1024 x 768, when most tablets are 1024 x 600. This means that ,to meet the required specification,one must go up to the next level of 1280 x 800 to comply with the regulation. This has the effect of doubling the cost of a tablet for those who prefer to use a tablet,or creating the need for a new monitor for those who are currently using existing monitors with 1024 x 600.Surely this can,t make all that much difference.

  8. Comment by Tony burrows posted on

    Yes,the increase in capital cost of equipment and subsequent maintenance however should also mean a reduction in test slot fee's. Anyone who thinks they are not going to buy new equipment to replace the current VTS device is not in the real world.

  9. Comment by Kael Wilson posted on

    Thanks for sharing useful information on new technology car service station will be using in the near future. Find it very useful and it will be very useful for both car owners as well as the service centre owner.