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Horror story: More hidden corrosion

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Hidden corrosion under car

Here’s another example of sub-frame corrosion, this time sent in by Tim Jones, as found on a Vauxhall Zafira. Tim says he was using the shaker plates on his ATL and initially thought the observed play was because of wear in the wishbone bushes. But closer inspection showed it to actually be the sub-frame moving.

As with many modern vehicles, much of the sub-frame was obscured from view by plastic shrouds and the under-tray. It was not until these had been removed that the full extent of the problem could be seen. Both sides of the sub-frame had completely corroded away.

As the corrosion itself was not readily visible due to the covers and if the sub-frame had not been seen to move, the problem may have gone undetected.

It is an excellent example of the type of defects we have asked you to share with us. i.e. where shrouds and body trays obscure them from sight when conducting an MOT.


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