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Horror story: Wooden brake pads

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wooden brake pad

Chris Baxter from D C Baxter (Motors) in Lincolnshire sent us this picture of a homemade wooden brake pad fitted to a Ford Transit.

Chris explained that the vehicle was brought in to have the front discs and pads replaced and this is what he found when removing the brake pads.

It appeared that someone was unable to remove the disc and complete the job themselves. So instead they bonded a piece of wood to the brake pad to replace the friction material.

Thankfully the owner of the Transit arrived safely after the 10 mile drive to Chris’s garage. Although wooden brakes were used in the early days of the automobile, we don’t think this type of repair is up to the standards required for modern day motoring.

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  1. Comment by Hugh Rogers posted on

    I thought that all the Cowboys were a way out West, not up in Lincolnshire ! By the score marks, he had been one, careful, slow, white-van-man. They would have stopped the van, albeit, eventually ! Maybe we do need the MOT after-all.

  2. Comment by Mike Baker posted on

    O.M.G. Wooden brake pad. How could anybody who’s intelligent enough, and with enough knowledge to remove the wheel, remove the brake pads, then think that's it’s ok to fashion up a piece of wood to the correct shape, and bond that to the pad plate, and then reassemble it it. That’s just sheer criminality.

  3. Comment by Arek posted on

    This one homemade wooden break pad it is the same dangerous like just the metal blade on motorway high speed.

  4. Comment by Graham Jones posted on

    I tried this once, my car wooden stop though....

    • Replies to Graham Jones>

      Comment by shaun posted on

  5. Comment by Gibster posted on

    The person that did this needs hunting down and stopping. We have the safest and best transport system in this country which is the envy of the civilised world. Don,t let cowboys like this ruin it!!

  6. Comment by les Brierley posted on

    Must have been to halfords

  7. Comment by bill shirley posted on

    in 1870 william stroudley bilt steam engines with wood brake shoes

  8. Comment by scorchio posted on

    the question is there is friction material wood and more than 1.5 mil
    and if there is no imbalance and it works efficiently to ensure as pass on the brake test .... is it wrong /

    • Replies to scorchio>

      Comment by Knumbnuts posted on

      Do a proper and thorough brake test. If it passes do a manual advise and mark it as DANGEROUS! Job done!

    • Replies to scorchio>

      Comment by Max Decel posted on

      the question is there is friction material wood and more than 1.5 mil
      and if there is no imbalance and it works efficiently to ensure as pass on the brake test .... is it wrong.
      Assuming the vehicle was manufactured after Sept.1999 then Yes, I'll guarantee the friction material will not have Regulation 90 approval; therefore illegal to use.

  9. Comment by big grandad dave posted on

    think il make some for my Vectra. must remember to use oak instead of pine as they will last longer. lol

    • Replies to big grandad dave>

      Comment by Paul posted on

      Lignum vitae, its as good as any modern braking material,,,,,,

  10. Comment by simon posted on

    how did he know

  11. Comment by S Wonder posted on

    looks a decent repair to me like

  12. Comment by Timber Rsearch Assoc posted on

    Goes against the grain

  13. Comment by jacey robbins posted on

    Shocking have shame on yourself j robbins mot tester

  14. Comment by Nkaka posted on

    The police should have been called, this is someone trying to kill himself or some innocent person.

    • Replies to Nkaka>

      Comment by Shaun Whale posted on

      Nothing like the smell of burning wood