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How is your garage’s site assessment scored?

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At some point your garage will receive a site assessment from a VOSA Vehicle Examiner to assess how your garage complies with MOT scheme requirements.

This is a time when you are able to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and compliance with the MOT scheme. You can also ask for advice from your Vehicle Examiner. Following the visit, you will be given a VTS risk score.

How is the site assessment calculated and how do I improve my risk score?

Guides on GOV.UK

To help you with your site assessments, VOSA has published the ‘Guide to MOT risk reduction’ and ‘Site assessment risk scoring guide’. These documents tell you what VOSA checks, the standards we expect garages to maintain, and the outcomes related to the assessment criteria.

MOT site assessment calculator

In addition, VOSA has created a site assessment calculator, to help you carry out your own site assessment. It is available online at GOV.UK

The calculator is set out as a site assessment form.  By using the Risk scoring guide you can make your own assessment of your garage.  If you enter the outcomes (1 to 5) for each item assessed, the calculator will give you your potential VTS risk score.  This calculator will not amend your actual score but will demonstrate which areas you could improve upon to ensure a good result when the vehicle examiner visits.

Video: What is an MOT site assessment?

For further information go to 'MOT site assessment additional information' on GOV.UK.

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