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The MOT testing service - What's in and what's out?

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As the switchover to the new MOT testing service has started, we’ve produced a short video about some of the new and different elements in the new service.

Our research has shown that most people find the new service straightforward to use, as the majority of processes are the same.

However, we’ve updated, changed and removed some of the following functions to make them simpler and make entering test results a bit easier:

  • searching for Reasons for Rejection (RFRs)
  • refusing a test
  • finding previous expiry dates
  • accessing reports and test logs
  • recording quality control checks
  • MOT testing equipment

These improvements are now being used by testers to carry out hundreds of MOT tests each day as more garages go live across the country.

Also, over half of the MOT trade have already claimed their new service accounts, with testers able to practise carrying out tests through the service’s MOT training mode.

Claiming accounts

If you’re an authorised examiner (AE) you need to make sure everyone at your site has successfully claimed, checked and updated their new accounts ahead of receiving your switchover date.

If you haven’t claimed your new account you can find out how at the following links:

We’ll send out your switchover date even if everyone at your site has not claimed their accounts. So please make sure they have, otherwise they won’t be able to test or use the new service after you’ve been switched over.

Please keep checking your emails for your switchover date. We'll be sending this to the listed authorised entity (business) email address in the ‘Correspondence Address’ section on your VTS device / MOT Comp system.

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