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Your questions answered: Using the new MOT testing service

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Tester using the MOT system

Garages across the country are already using the new MOT testing service to carry out tests.

As of Monday 27 July 2015, there were 2,532 garages using the new MOT testing service, and between them they’ve carried out 58,548 real MOT tests since they switched over.

On top of that - more than 55,353 users have claimed their new accounts (more than 63% of the MOT trade) and are either using the new service to carry out tests or practising how to do so.

If you haven’t done so already - you need to claim your account in order to use the new service and carry on testing after your site has switched over.

Since we started switching garages over, we’ve had a few questions about the new service. So here are the answers to some of the most common questions we’ve been asked.

1. When will my site be switching over to the new MOT testing service?

The move to the new MOT testing service is being rolled out AE-by-AE between now and the end of August 2015.

Every garage will be using the new service by the end of September 2015. By that time the old VTS device / MOT Comp system will be switched off at every garage.

You’ll be told your switchover date at least 1 week before and this will be emailed to your AE’s listed authorised entity (business) ‘correspondence email address’.

If you’re an AE, please make sure you regularly check your emails for your switchover date, along with guidance about using the new MOT testing service.

To find out how to make your switchover as smooth as possible read our prepare for switchover guidance.

2. Have the VT40 and vehicle specific information (VSI) been removed from the new service?

Yes. The current MOT inspection form (VT40) has been replaced by the new VT29 and VT29m inspection checklists.

These new checklists can be found under the ‘MOT forms’ link on your homepage.

Not all VSI has been removed. When a class 3, 4, 5 or 7 vehicle is registered for test, you’ll be presented with the nominal vehicle weight for brake calculation purposes.

However, all other VSI has been removed following feedback we received from MOT trade representatives who told us:

  • they didn’t use it
  • it wasn’t reliable
  • they preferred to use other data services

To find more read our MOT testing service: enter vehicle specific information (VSI) guidance.

3. What else has changed in or been removed from the new service?

To simplify MOT testing processes, a few things have been changed or removed as part of the switch over to the new service.

Find out more about the updates we’ve made on the following links:

However, the rules behind entering test results remain the same and all MOT tests, retests and contingency tests must still be carried out on authorised sites by nominated testers (NTs).

4. How will new contingency testing work if the new service should go offline?

Contingency testing replaces the old emergency testing, fallback testing and stand alone testing procedures but works in much the same way.

To use contingency testing you’ll need to get a code from our MOT testing service desk by phoning it on 0330 123 5654 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm Saturday (excluding public holidays).

You can only use contingency testing during an ‘authorised outage’ and codes ONLY last for 1 day. This means you’ll need to get another code for each day a problem lasts.

There’s also a temporary problem where contingency tests are currently recorded in the new service as having been carried out at 1am on the day of the test. It’s currently being fixed and DVSA won’t take any disciplinary action against AEs or NTs about this.

Finally, once you’ve started carrying out real tests in the new service make sure you dispose of any old emergency MOT test certificates (VT20ETs) you have on site. For example:

  • shred them
  • cut them into pieces
  • drill a hole through them

To find out more read our MOT testing service: contingency testing guidance.

5. How do I buy more slots?

To buy slots you first need to be an authorised examiner designated manager (AEDM) or authorised examiner delegate (AED).

The current account management (ACM) role doesn’t exist in the new service. If an AEDM wants someone to buy slots on behalf of the business entity, they should be given an AED role.

This can be done before switchover via your VTS device or by an AEDM in the new MOT testing service.

For the available payment methods and instructions on how to give someone an AED role and buy slots in the new service read our MOT testing service: slot payments guidance.

6. I’ve forgotten my password and PIN. How do I reset them?

To reset your password or PIN you first need to make sure you’ve added to your email’s ‘safe sender list’ (or ‘whitelist’).

This will make sure any reset password or PIN requests we email to you will make it into your registered email’s inbox.

To find out how to update your ‘safe sender list’ and reset your password or PIN read our reset password and PIN guidance.

7. Who do I need to contact if I’m having problems accessing or using the new service?

If you have any problems using the new service please contact our MOT testing service desk on 0330 123 5654 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm Saturday (excluding public holidays).

Don’t use the ‘feedback’ link in the MOT testing service to report these kinds of problems as it will take longer to get fixed.

Please also don’t contact your Area Office, Customer Service Centre or the Atos Helpdesk as they will not be able to help.

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