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Your feedback about Matters of Testing

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MoT image for blog postIn December 2013, we asked what you thought about Matters of Testing by completing our feedback survey. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the survey and we really do value your comments.

We’ve been looking through the feedback to help us understand where we can make improvements and what information is most important. We received many suggestions for new subjects you would like to read more about and we are already planning to incorporate them in future articles.

The results are very positive

The results tell us that 97% of readers think Matters of Testing delivers very well against the top benefit of keeping up to date with changes.

Overall 94% are satisfied with Matters of Testing with 62% telling us that we’ve improved our communications compared to a year ago.

We’re happy to hear that Matters of Testing is continuing to help testers and garages stay up to date and compliant with the scheme. The suggestions and ideas we received are all really helpful in planning future content and changes.

The information seems to be more up to date therefore more relevant

Watching our videos on YouTube

We had a lot of positive feedback about the introduction of videos to the blog from those who are able to access it easily and it seems that most testers find them very useful.

Information and videos on subjects take out the guess work

Sharing, talking, emailing and printing

Over 60% of readers share the information we provide with 85% preferring to do this face to face.  Many testers are also now using Email and Facebook to share our content, and some are still printing out our information to share with their teams. So we will be looking at how we can make Matters of Testing more print friendly to support the way some testers want to use it.

The communication is a lot clearer and easier to understand

Sharing and comments

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