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Your questions answered: November 2013

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Q - High level flashing brake lights are apparently now being fitted to some vehicles as standard fitment. The Bugatti Veyron is one example, and new Mercedes and Audi models will also include this feature soon. Kits are also available to buy on ebay to modify current vehicles and they’re also claimed to be legal.

Is it legal and what are the implications for MOT?

A - Stop lamp emergency braking operation should not cause problems either at annual test or roadside.  This is because the stop lamps will not flash when the vehicle is stationary as such systems must not operate at a rate of deceleration below 4 m/s2 and must de-activate when the deceleration has fallen below 2.5 m/s2.

From the description of the aftermarket products, they do not comply with this requirement and would therefore be illegal.

Q – How long after a test can I appeal my test result?

A – If the vehicle fails on a mechanical component, VOSA will normally reinspect the vehicle up to 28 days after the test result. No repairs should take place before the vehicle is reinspected.

If the complaint is regarding corrosion, a vehicle will normally be reinspected up to three months after its MOT. However, the Vehicle Examiner will make an assessment based on what the condition was likely to have been at the time of test.

A customer can appeal using form VT17 available at the MOT station.
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