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Customer service centre commonly asked questions

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Contact centre staff answering calls

DVSA’s Customer Service Centre answers hundreds of MOT related calls and emails daily from testers and members of the public. Here are some of the most frequent questions and answers they’re getting from MOT garages.

Do LED headlamps require washers / self levellers?

Headlamp washing and levelling systems are a legal requirement and required if the LED headlamp or high intensity discharge lamp has a luminous intensity exceeding 2,000 lumens.

If the luminous intensity isn’t marked on the lamp, a tester won’t be able to tell if these systems are needed. In this case, the headlamps will be treated as ordinary lamps and the vehicle can be passed as they don’t need washers or levelling devices fitted.

The headlamp washers and levelling systems can only be rejected if they’re fitted and are inoperative or obviously defective. If they’re missing and you think they should be fitted, then pass and advise.

Why can’t I fail a vehicle for the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) warning lamp not working?

The check of the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) warning lamp only applies to vehicles first used on or after 1 January 2012 with no more than 8 passenger seats. Further advice can be found in the information column of the MOT Inspection Manual.

When a vehicle first used before 1 January 2012 is registered for test on the MOT testing service, it will prevent you from selecting any TPMS failure items.

If a vehicle’s speedometer glass is cracked is this an MOT failure?

A speedometer is checked for presence, operation and illumination. The glass can be cracked and still pass the MOT as long as you can read the speedometer clearly or it’s not causing a safety hazard or restricting the needle’s movement.

If there’s a need to carry out a road test or decelerometer test and the speedometer is seen to be inoperative, then it would fail.

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  1. Comment by Sascha posted on

    How often have I got to do a mot as I'm not working in a garage now but want to keep ticket

  2. Comment by Stewart posted on

    I have a 1979 MGB. Does it require an emissions test for its mot?

  3. Comment by Steve posted on

    Is it correct that a petrol car can only fail it's mot for not having a catalytic converter fitted if it requires the extended (full cat test ) regardless if passes or fails the test ??

    • Replies to Steve>

      Comment by Tony S posted on

      I think you'l find that all cars that require a CAT will fail if it's not fitted at time of test, if it was fitted as standard.

      3.On spark ignition engine vehicles that qualify for a full catalystemissions test and all compression ignition vehicles check the presence of catalytic converter(s) and particulate filter(s).

      Note: To ascertain whether a spark ignition engine vehicle qualifies for a full catalyst test, use the flow charts in Section 7.3.C disregarding the result of the Basic Emissions Test.

  4. Comment by les posted on

    how do you enter equipment calibration updates

  5. Comment by phil posted on

    I can't find scheme reports either on new system, the old reports were very useful as told you what you what percentage of items you were failing against the scheme averaged. I can get how many tests I have done and how long it took me. Is there a way of getting these reports on screen/

  6. Comment by Kev posted on

    Is there any paperwork that we have to retain after an MOT, other than when we are in contingency mode?

    • Replies to Kev>

      Comment by Matters of Testing posted on

      Hi Kev,

      The requirements surrounding the retention of MOT and test-related documentation is outlined under Section H of the MOT testing guide which can be found on the following link:

      Essentially, emissions print outs and contingency test documents need to be kept for for 3 months. Meanwhile, all other MOT and test-related documentation are stored within the MOT testing service so there is no need to keep any of this other than for your records.


  7. Comment by mark posted on

    anyone know when we can start to entre QC reports on the new system??

  8. Comment by paul bufton posted on

    PAUL 08/11/15
    LOGIN ISSUE as simple fix if you press f5 on key pad before you enter your user id and password
    you go into site first time works for me

  9. Comment by Paul Brown posted on

    Ive been told the space between wall and MOT ramp is 600mm is this correct???

  10. Comment by shaun posted on

    anyone keep having to login twice?

    • Replies to shaun>

      Comment by Paul posted on

      @matt and shaun

      Am also having to login 2 sometimes 3 times. Its actually more frustrating than thinking of new passwords every 10mins!

      Anyone know of a fix?

      • Replies to Paul>

        Comment by C. Liddiard posted on

        If you log out then go back to your home screen then when you next login you will only need to do it once

    • Replies to shaun>

      Comment by Dave B posted on

      Yes, always have to put in the user name and password twice.

      • Replies to Dave B>

        Comment by Geoff posted on

        before entering login info, click the reload/refresh page icon by or in address bar, there seems to be a time out on the page, this works for me even though it took a while to get used to it 😉

        • Replies to Geoff>

          Comment by Tony posted on

          I asked lady at DVSA if this was a new feature following the update, she said if it is it's not a very good one.
          Any way, I click the sign in button before entering login details, then enter them and login straight away.
          Saves on the frustration. Happy days.

        • Replies to Geoff>

          Comment by adrian posted on

          Pressing the f5 key refreshes the page.

      • Replies to Dave B>

        Comment by Dan s posted on

        Simply refresh the page before logging in and you will only have to enter your username password in once

      • Replies to Dave B>

        Comment by Albert Hanstock posted on

        Loging in. Twice is a pain

    • Replies to shaun>

      Comment by Mike hamilton posted on

      Press the f5 key if you've not used it in 30 seconds then type straight in.

    • Replies to shaun>

      Comment by Neil posted on

      Just press f5 to refresh page before you log in

  11. Comment by shaun posted on

    Im not sure if its just me but since the last update when you type in your username and password and press enter the details just disappear, then you have to type all in again.
    Is anyone else having the same problem?
    please respond if you do as nothing will get done

  12. Comment by matt posted on

    hi,having problems logging in,always works on 2 nd attempt

    • Replies to matt>

      Comment by craig posted on

      yes i am also having to log in twice glad its not only me

    • Replies to matt>

      Comment by Dave McKimm AEDM posted on

      This problem could be as simple a reason as leaving your web browser open and the page timing out. It happens all the time on first attempt just put one character in and when rejected put full login details in and that should resolve the issue much quicker for you.

      • Replies to Dave McKimm AEDM>

        Comment by Clive posted on

        I've found the browser does time out. When you navigate to the login screen bookmark the page & name it (I called it Mot Testing) that way once I've logged the test on I just sign out & shut the browser when I go back open the browser hit my bookmark & login. Works every time for me don't tell the comp to remember your user name & password though for obvious reasons.

  13. Comment by Steve posted on

    I have a question regarding HID/LED headlamps. If you know the vehicle is fitted with HID headlamps (i.e. standard fitment) and the headlamp washers are obviously defective but the luminous intensity isn't marked on the lamp. Are the lamps treated as ordinary ones? Even though you know they are HID lamps. I cant find any mention of using luminous intensity markings to identify HID lamps in the MOT inspection manual.

    • Replies to Steve>

      Comment by TIM posted on

      hi steve i had to get in touch with vosa about this all standard hid/hed lamps should have cleaning divises and they should work

  14. Comment by john warwick posted on

    I have a new tester who has completeted the course and has had his demo test and passed however when he does a mot it will not let him print it says he hasnt permission to see the page

  15. Comment by bob posted on

    I cant find scheme performance reports on the new system,our v.e says we have to print them off every 3 months and keep a record of them.

  16. Comment by shaun posted on

    i think there should be an upgrade to the entering test results page.
    sometimes when entering results you can hit advise instead of fail etc same with old system.
    this is not a fault but you can sometimes do it if your rushing. anyway at the moment lets say you advise three items and fail two it will say 5 items in a red box at the top of the components screen.
    which means i have to select the drop down box to make sure i advised and failed the right amount. i think it would be far better if you could have an amber box for advisories also, so when entering results you know so far you have advised 3 items AMBER BOX and failed 2 RED BOX. just think this would work better

    • Replies to shaun>

      Comment by Matters of Testing posted on

      Hi Shaun,

      Thank you for your suggestions.

      We’ve passed on your comments to our development team who will look into your suggestions and see if they can be incorporated into the MOT testing service in the future.

      Once again - thank you for taking the time to contact us.


  17. Comment by Matthew posted on

    I`ve been experiencing some problems with manual advisories. Sometimes after typing out the advisory I will then submit it and it will say an error has occurred. So I re-type it but still the system wont accept it. So I will then have to choose a advisory from the RFR lists which isn't always appropriate. Like I said it doesn't happen every time just sometimes.

    • Replies to Matthew>

      Comment by Matters of Testing posted on

      Hi Matthew,

      We're sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing.
      Please call our help desk on 0330 1235654 so that they can help you.

      Thank you,

    • Replies to Matthew>

      Comment by Geoff posted on

      click on a box i.e tyres then go back to manual advisory, it normally works, also there's a number of characters limit for the box and also won't allow the word 'screw' in tyre as it has a 'profanity nanny'

  18. Comment by Jonathan Moorhouse posted on

    Can someone at DVSA answer this please

  19. Comment by shaun posted on

    i still cant find non component advisories anywhere? am i missing something.
    they obviously still exist as it says at the bottom of the components page if you cant find a testable item or NON COMPONENT advisory then use a manual advisory.