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Horror story: Broken bush carrier on front suspension

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Broken bush on Mini suspension

Shane Farmiloe, from Castle Vale Service Station sent us this photo showing the rear bush carrier for the lower suspension arm clearly broken at one of its mounting points.

Shane said: “There was no evidence of play when the suspension was checked at the road wheel under section 2.5 of the manual. So a careful visual inspection of the mounting was needed to identify the fracture”.

In this case the break is clearly visible and recorded as a failure under reason for rejection 2.4 G1 ‘a suspension component or its attachment bracket or linkage - cracked, fractured or insecure.

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  1. Comment by Garry posted on

    I've seen it on a 2001 mini of my daughters

  2. Comment by richard farrell posted on

    always a grey area, stuff like this

  3. Comment by James posted on

    Pretty certain that gouge is meant to be there, it's a safety feature so that in the event of a frontal impact the bush carrier breaks and the arm goes under the footwell instead of being forced into it.

    • Replies to James>

      Comment by Dale posted on

      Will have a closer look on the next MINI that comes in for damage or fatigue in that carrier

    • Replies to James>

      Comment by geeman posted on

      the groove is meant to be there as a shear point to protect damage to floor pan and wheel rim etc if the vehicle is heavily kerbed

  4. Comment by Dale posted on

    Yes, lets move to 4-2-2 again as modern cars are so much better built these days.....

    If you look carefully just right of the crack there's a slight appears to be a gouge running up/down - could be damaged causing fatigue.

  5. Comment by Paul posted on

    Have tested vehicle were exact same 'rear bush carrier' had a seam weld filling each recess on each side of the bush housing (as marked yellow in picture), the aforementioned 'modified/repaired' bush carrier's were fitted on both n/s/f, o/s/f and I failed them as an inappropriate repair.
    Subsequently after representation from the garage that brought the vehicle in for test, on behalf of the owner, I reversed my decision and Passed.

  6. Comment by Al posted on

    I've fitted 2 like these, minis I think. Are we gonna see more of these ?

  7. Comment by jacey robbins posted on

    accident waiting to happen good find

  8. Comment by Simon posted on

    Any idea what vehicle Shane?

  9. Comment by Joe posted on

    Looks like a Mini one from the shape of the lower arm.

  10. Comment by Richard Owen posted on

    Amazed at that. It is a strong bit of kit..or so I thought!

  11. Comment by Jim posted on

    Be interesting to know what the vehicle was.. make, model etc.