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Indicator tell-tale lamp not working?

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 Question: If a directional indicator tell-tale lamp is inoperative, could the ticking of the flasher relay be used as an audible warning in its place?

Answer: In short, yes. Direction indicators must have an operational tell-tale which is easily visible or audible to the driver, the exception being when one or more direction indicators on each side of the vehicle can be seen by the driver from the driver’s seat.

For an audible warning, the regulations do not state how loud it has to be or specify the source of the noise. This is subsequently carried over into the MOT Inspection Manual. So if any visual lamp has failed and the clicking noise made by the flasher unit can be heard by the tester, this can be considered as an audible warning.

However, remember that the tell-tale for the hazard warning lamps must be visual. So if the tell-tale for directional indicators and hazards are combined, then the visual component needs to function correctly.

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  1. Comment by dave posted on

    engine warning light in by dash is on ,
    does this fail the mot?

  2. Comment by Stephen Ball posted on

    Well that might work if your not deaf. But we deal with lots of disabled drivers, and I know its a small percentage a few are deaf so there fora visual indicator warning lamp is a must.

    • Replies to Stephen Ball>

      Comment by peter beaumont posted on

      in response to a deaf driver, as a nominated tester I am not able to test vehicles to individual needs or usage, although it may be necessary for a deaf driver to have a visual warning a vehicle with only an audiable warning would still pass.
      a vehicle i recently tested had a serious fault with a rear seatbelt and when the presenter was issued with an mot fail certificate I was challenged on my decision because the presenter said that they dont carry any passengers in the rear, just the dog which chewed the seatbelt in the first place!

  3. Comment by Mike posted on

    Citroen 2cv's only have an audible system

  4. Comment by TurboTim posted on

    As it states indicators in view of the driver, don't forget the side repeaters on a lot of mirrors are in view of the driver. On a personal note; I recently changed a faulty flasher unit on my own car, the new one is far quieter, I now have to look at the dash light as I cant hear the clicking. it surprised me how much I use the sound rather than the dash light!

  5. Comment by Jay posted on

    I found the article was good - I can now gauge the pass or fail criteria especially on the clicking noise that allows an audible warning.