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Introducing the new MOT security card

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Close up of the new MOT security card
Your new MOT security card

As an MOT testing service user, you’ll get a brand new security card later this year to replace the current PIN system. This card will make the MOT service more secure by making sure only you can sign into your account.

How the card works

How to use your MOT security card
How to get your PIN

The card will work just like online banking security. Every time you press the button on the front of the card you’ll get a unique 6-digit personalised identification number (PIN).

You’ll need to enter your user ID and password and then this number each time you log in to the MOT testing service.

Trialling the cards

Over the last month we’ve been trialling the new card with some vehicle testing stations (VTSs). So far feedback has been positive, one tester said: “it’s good, easy to use, an improvement”.

Another said: “the cards are better than using the current PIN as there is no number to remember and it seems more secure”.

Next steps

Following the success of this initial trial we’ll continue to test the cards with more VTSs over the summer. Testing them like this will make sure that we can keep making improvements to how you use the card before everyone gets one.

Look out for more details about this card over the next few months.

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  1. Comment by Rich-I-Am posted on

    What happens when the battery goes flat?
    Can we change them or do we need to order a new card?

    • Replies to Rich-I-Am>

      Comment by Thomas (DVSA) posted on

      Hi Rich,

      The battery will last 4 years. Once it runs out you'll have to order a replacement. You'll still be able to login to the MOT testing service and test whilst you wait for your replacement card. You'll just to need to answer 2 security questions to sign in.



  2. Comment by MEL. posted on

    There is no point in whinging about these changes, the powers that be will have their way whatever happens, so we should just keep our heads down, be good boys and girls and tick all the boxes that have to be ticked. After all, we know that everything is done in the name of road safety. Keep this in mind when next you fail a car with a dangerously delaminated number plate and you'll feel a whole lot better.

  3. Comment by M. Rob posted on

    It’s going to be a joke. The cards will be about as reliable as a cheap watch and, as usually happens when a new technology is introduced, there will be endless days of system crashes, we’ll all have to revert to contingency testing, during which time the unscrupulous will be able to carry out more dubious tests than they do in an entire year.
    The Government and the DVSA seem to be obsessed with MoT fraud, when those in authority should be looking closer to home. I don’t know any AEs or NTs who have a knighthood and a £100m yacht.
    Want to make the system more secure? Simple. The cost of running a VTS these days has gone through the roof. Competing businesses slash their prices to entice customers. NTs (usually on some sort of performance related salary) are under pressure to increase the volume of tests.
    We can stop fraud with some simple steps that would benefit all.

    1. A major increase in the test fee, at least double the current price. It is after all, an annual test.

    2. An end to discounted tests. The set fee should be charged.

    3. A minimum time limit per test should be introduced, linked to the age of the vehicle.

    4. A maximum number of tests per day, per NT to be carried out.

    Quantity does not = quality, and you get what you pay for. The discounting scheme is supposed to encourage competition, but it is the root cause of the problem.

    • Replies to M. Rob>

      Comment by Stephen posted on

      You serious. Increase in test fee yes, but with NO discounted test stations ie; MOT £35.00
      A minimum time limit impossible, we fail first time tests on emissions and head lamp aims,
      Some older or Classic cars are easier to test than these modern junk.
      A maximum amount of tests humbug.

  4. Comment by Damian Timms posted on

    And what happens when the screen on the new security cards gets broken
    I work at a busy test station and can log in around 30 times a day that's 150 pushes on that button a week at that rate the card won't last a month then what
    do I get a spare or do I then have to ring up to log a test then results to get in to the system

    • Replies to Damian Timms>

      Comment by darren posted on

      totally agree total waste of time and money,why dont they just leave it as it was but i suppose someone has to justify there job

    • Replies to Damian Timms>

      Comment by Matters of Testing posted on

      Hi Damian,

      You won't get a spare card. You'll still be able to log in to the system and test if your card is broken by answering 2 security questions. Once we've been notified that your card is broken you'll receive a replacement card free of charge by second class post.



    • Replies to Damian Timms>

      Comment by cheekyboy posted on

      how on earth can you be logging in doing 30 mot's a day? unless you mean 15 mot's logging in 2 twice for each mot, still alot of mot's for 1 person a day

  5. Comment by Sam posted on

    Lets face it its all about caust cutting and making us pay im fed up with keep changing things the job is hard enough why keep making it harder if it workes leve it alone for god sake

  6. Comment by colin posted on

    the old system of refresher course was better where you can discuss any problems and not an on line test that any mr sing my be taking for you.You should have to pay for refresher course not on line training.Again the old system of changing your pin every three months is better than a card.

    • Replies to colin>

      Comment by Stephen posted on

      I agree Colin, the old system was better, but what can we do, there are over a thousand NT's over 200 comments perhaps if every NT was to complain about the changes, they may jusy may listen.

      • Replies to Stephen>

        Comment by darren posted on

        it will never happen they will just keep on changing things and we will just have to get on with it as always......we dont get to put our point across

    • Replies to colin>

      Comment by Pete posted on

      I totally agree with you. Refresher courses were much better, and as you say , more secure because if you were not there you didn't pass. Anyone could be doing the course and not the person named on the screen.

  7. Comment by Stephen posted on

    How about improving the emissions testing procedure. If after 3 or 4 rev of a diesel engined vehicle the metered smoke levels are high it should fail there and then, why should us NT's suffer the FUMES OF THESE DIRTY ENGINES. Oh don't say it's because of european standards, I really don't care about europe. I care about my health

  8. Comment by Jim Walker posted on

    Jim Walker I am still waiting to hear someone from DVSA to say they are listening to us. The silence is deafening. Someone is going to make a lot of money out of this if, sorry when it takes place.

  9. Comment by george posted on

    agree totally Robert .complete waste of space .

    • Replies to george>

      Comment by phil starkey posted on

      after a site vist i'm told they are concerned about security breaches by people testing at home or in the pub etc. instead of fetching in another costly card they should of carried on with the idea of linking gas analysers and brake roller readings direct to the system then tests would have to be carried out on the premises

  10. Comment by N freeman posted on

    Obviously the system we are using is not satisfactory for VOSA, so if you have all noticed the paperwork that we would normally get each week(special notices) updating us on what not to do, or to do! has diminished.Now we are being introduced to more additions,(ie paper work in order when they visit and every thing in its place to make the visit easy,untill there is a problem and there always is?) no problem with that, but at the end of the day every vosa person does things differently which in turn makes our job harder & longer.I feel there should be more help when visiting us because we can only test items as per the manual..Tester since before time, and still does anyone know where in the guide I could find that we have to use a spray to detect gas leaks when testing LPG,I thought this item would come under diagnostic's ????

    • Replies to N freeman>

      Comment by julian posted on

      7.2 of the manual under fuel

  11. Comment by john posted on

    Get your wallet stolen and they've got your PIN - how is that progress? A bit more thought could have gone into the above animation, that shows the same number being generated each time - which kind of defeats the point that they're trying to make. Why not put a bit of extra thought into the RFR layout, we could save a bit of time by not having two options and having to make a choice as to whether a boot is deteriorated or damaged, why do we have to scroll down lists to get to some of the most commonly used RFRs?, these should be at the top. Waiting to get transferred to different screens, why not a windows explorer like layout where you can expand the folder and then select what you need. The computer system should be secondary to the test and be there to easily input the test result.

  12. Comment by steve posted on

    about time we all stood together as unity prevails, and just say NO, however maybe that's why the men in black won't unify a blanket test fee, it would mean we are no longer in competition with each other.... just a thought

  13. Comment by Ken posted on

    done my first test in 1968 - attended the first ever ministery of transport ( as it was then called ) course in stanmore - never been subject to so much meaningless piffle. but hey we've just come out of a referendum and in a democracy, so now, presently named dvsa, the democratic thing to do is drop this stupid card idea - cant see anyone in favour of it on here - being run like the u.s. military one solution to all - splat do it ! ! !

  14. Comment by Simon posted on

    All these changes to an already complex system are only making the job more difficult for the testers.
    There is no streamlining for us the people doing the job, only the government and the DVSA.
    If I new then what I now now and how things were going to change I would have NOT become a tester and wasted the last 10years of my working life!

  15. Comment by Colin posted on

    So are they going to give all testers civil servants status? and all the perks that go with it !!!
    Think they should as all the stuff there dropping on us, costs, paperwork etc
    ( And getting away with it)

  16. Comment by Andy Black posted on

    leave it as it is, is a 6 figure number that hard to remember, just something else to go wrong

  17. Comment by james posted on

    whats happened about anual test?

  18. Comment by m copestake posted on

    We had cards before we were told they were going to make the system easier and more streamlined
    We now have cards back because the security is not sufficient ( was told by the people that set this up)
    This is totally a government job to many chiefs

  19. Comment by c evans posted on

    Same as when we were told there would be card readers for the emissions machine,every body had to get a device fitted to each machine @ a cost to all the garages ,only to be told it was not going to happen. What a joke !!!!!!!

    • Replies to c evans>

      Comment by shaun wooden. posted on

      im not happy that they said no more refresher courses so they can save money so now we have to fork out money to the rmi . thirty thousand times fourty five pouns is a lot of money .

  20. Comment by William posted on

    Sadly the various changes to the MOT system in my mind are more about administration and less about actual road safety and quality of testing standards. We don't see local DVSA staff like we used too, which was nice; now it's all on a computer screen. I am 32 and have no issues with using a computer, but many more senior testers are being choked off the testing scheme as many are not so computer literate This is costing the industry many decent testers who are simply fed up of being made to jump through hoops by a organisation which is streamlining itself to being very minimalist, and lumping the costs and more issues onto the testers.

    • Replies to William>

      Comment by Rich posted on

      DVSA are pushing the older mot testers out,,, trying to get less young inexperience testers in that do not understand what a King pin is..............

      • Replies to Rich>

        Comment by Norman posted on

        Totally agree have same problem with younger testers don't know wat a torsion bar is and were to jack up car
        Problem with closing ministry training correct standards will not be applied
        What I liked about the refresher course was sitting with other testers and talking about problems

  21. Comment by hank posted on

    the only problem we used to have was when your pen ran out of ink

  22. Comment by A. JONES. posted on

    I think this is now obviously just been implemented for purely financial gain somewhere , anybody notice that some companies had the training programs in place the same day as it was announced that we needed to show a history of training! How is that possible unless it was created in partnership with these companies how did they now what training was needed ? Its all about money pure and simple.

  23. Comment by Rich posted on

    What a complete wast of time and money???????? leave the system as it is.........................

  24. Comment by mark posted on

    I have been a tester for 32 years I dont think I can be bothered anymore

    • Replies to mark>

      Comment by Stephen posted on

      Know that feeling Mark, 35 years an NT. Just want to MOT ...Not play about on the PC..

    • Replies to mark>

      Comment by A. JONES. posted on

      I agree , I have just had enough of being pushed around and ignored ,seriously considering closing the Mot bay myself.

      • Replies to A. JONES.>

        Comment by Robert shotton posted on

        Same here mate don't like testing anymore, when I get a site visit it's one percent testing the vehicle 99 percent paper work. Just can't be bothered

    • Replies to mark>

      Comment by phil starkey posted on

      i have a 72 year old tester who struggles with using a computer he has carried out thousands of tests over 40years and knows the job inside out but as result of implementing a pc based yearly test he is thinking of giving up testing as he watched me take the exam the other day and he openly admits he couldn't use the pc well enough to be able to flit back and to from matters of testing to the manual and to google i think it's a disgrace that these testers are being forced out of a job that they have carried out for years . it almost borders on ageism as i bet it was designed by someone who had computers in their classrooms and not blackboards

      • Replies to phil starkey>

        Comment by mark posted on

        why should they care their just faceless people who just want to put more pressure on the older testers

  25. Comment by Rick Ager posted on

    How long before the beta system is finished do one thing right before adding a unknown variable

  26. Comment by Andy posted on

    If it works as well as the card I have for online banking it will mean hours on the phone reseting the thing, they are cheap and useless I've had about 20 of them and end up having to phone to have it reset about 5 or 6 times a month and after a couple of months they just die. if your changing to a ever changing pin then a smart phone app would be a much better option.

    • Replies to Andy>

      Comment by paul posted on

      as far as i can tell, it's rouge mot testers that are doing mot's wrong, so this will not stop anything, i was really pleased when we stopped using smart cards, as i kept loosing them, or leaving them at home (i work 20 miles away from home), i agree with the non discount of mot price though, people will not be shopping around for cheapest price

  27. Comment by Jim Walker posted on

    What happens when the card fails to work. Do we have to stop testing or do we go to manual mode.? Our pass word is changed regularly so security is maintained. Is there someone in vosa with shares in the card company makes you wonder.

    • Replies to Jim Walker>

      Comment by Matters of Testing posted on

      Hi Jim,

      The card should withstand day to day use within a garage environment. However should you break, lose or forget your card you'll still be able to continue testing by using a simple temporary online process.



      • Replies to Matters of Testing>

        Comment by C. JONES. posted on

        So I take it from this reply this is still going ahead , even though we have expressed our objections and concerns.

        • Replies to C. JONES.>

          Comment by darren posted on

          of course it will go ahead regardless of what we say like ive said before we only get told when its too late to do anything about it and it will always be like it because they dont listen.look at all the comments on here already and they have only replied to a few of them,its clear to see the majority of us dont want it but it will go ahead anyway like everything else we just have to take can understand why not many people out there want to become MOT TESTERS , ......DVSA you need to listen too the majority of us NOT the few people YOU talk too.....PLEASE

  28. Comment by darren posted on

    i dont know about anyone else on here but i didnt even know this card was even coming out,but like always dvsa only tell us about anything when its too late to say or do anything about it.

    • Replies to darren>

      Comment by gazzer posted on

      I quite like this idea, makes system more secure. If someone was to hack your system, they could be able to get User ID, Password and PIN from your system. That person could then fraudulently carry out tests at another VTS and you would never know as you can only check on tests at your own VTS. All it takes is for someone to add you onto there system.

      • Replies to gazzer>

        Comment by Stephen posted on

        You can't carry out an MOT on another site,because your not registered for VTS

        • Replies to Stephen>

          Comment by gazzer posted on

          guys if someone else has your log in details they can add you to there site (VTS), it wouldn't come out of the your slot allocation just the other VTS as its their slots not yours.

      • Replies to gazzer>

        Comment by C. JONES. posted on

        What are you talking about ? it would still come out of your slot allocation anyway so its easily spotted .

        • Replies to C. JONES.>

          Comment by gazzer posted on

          • Replies to gazzer>

            Comment by A. JONES. posted on


          • Replies to gazzer>

            Comment by gazzer posted on

            a.jones sorry but incorrect the slots are the AE`s of the garage where the test is being carried out they are not the testers slots.

            So if your details are hacked you would never know somebody else was testing at another testing station under you details because the slots are not yours they are the AE`s at the testing station carrying out the test.

          • Replies to gazzer>

            Comment by A. JONES. posted on

            Sorry I see your point , I stand corrected . I was assuming you meant the test station not the actual tester .

          • Replies to gazzer>

            Comment by Tony S posted on

            Guys it would come up on your profile page that you are working at this other VTS
            It would also show as a new role under your notifications

  29. Comment by kevin posted on

    dear dvsa

    Currently ONLY I am able to sign in to my account , currently ONLY I can provide MY personal pin to complete an MOT test or Apply a test class to a first MOT. im already sure that ONLY I am able to sign into my account. Positive feedback quotes only two testers from some testing stations , hardly the basis of a successful trial. The majority of comments on this page suggests a very negative feedback.

    I have no special notice informing of this impending change.



    • Replies to kevin>

      Comment by Graham posted on

      what a complete and utter load of rubbish, have u any.positive comments ????

  30. Comment by David posted on

    I think this is a bad idea.
    I personally don't think the card will be durable enough for garage use.

    • Replies to David>

      Comment by Harry posted on

      Can we have a simple yes or no answer from DVSA.
      Has the the security of the system, as it is been compromised?

      • Replies to Harry>

        Comment by Matters of Testing posted on

        Hi Harry

        The system has not been compromised.

        The implementation of this two factor authentication (2FA) security card will help to mitigate the risks around unauthorised access to the MOT system and fraudulent recording of test results. The 2FA security card is part of the DVSA's continuing obligation to protect personal data and ensure the secure delivery of on line public services.



        • Replies to Matters of Testing>

          Comment by A. JONES. posted on

          So no security risk so far but you want to complicate it? And how have these cards been tested so far ?

          • Replies to A. JONES.>

            Comment by Matters of Testing posted on

            Hi A Jones,

            The cards have has been extensively tested at every stage of development by a dedicated team of researchers. As mentioned in the blog user testing is taking place right now with a number of vehicle testing stations and more testing is planned before everyone gets their card later in the year. Around 300 vehicle testing stations will be involved in the next stage of user testing.



          • Replies to A. JONES.>

            Comment by A. JONES. posted on

            So what happens if those 300 testers say the cards don't work? Are you still going ahead anyway as you did with the switchover ,when that was not working correctly you just dumped everybody on regardless!

          • Replies to A. JONES.>

            Comment by Matters of Testing posted on

            Hi A Jones,

            All feedback from the testing sessions is analysed and passed back to our development teams. We carry out testing like this to make sure that we have time to make any adjustments before rolling out the cards. The initial testing sessions around card activation and user login have been positive and we'll continue to test the cards with a wider group of vehicle testing stations.



          • Replies to A. JONES.>

            Comment by A. JONES. posted on

            You avoided the question well , but the question was WHAT HAPPENS IF THE 300 TESTERS SAY THE CARD IS A MISTAKE?

          • Replies to A. JONES.>

            Comment by Matters of Testing posted on

            Hi A Jones,

            DVSA has to introduce this additional level of security in order to provide this digital service. We have already carried out user research sessions to help make sure that the cards and the login process are as easy to use as possible. The feedback so far has been positive and suggests that the cards are easy to activate and that it's simple to logon to the system with them.

            The next round of testing is due to be completed by the end of August. We'll take all and feedback on board and if there are any issues at this stage they will be addressed by the development team.

            To make sure that we can and provide support to the trade when the cards are rolled out, we'll be starting with a small number of garages and will gradually increase this over 3 months.



  31. Comment by ROBERT posted on


    • Replies to ROBERT>

      Comment by Matters of Testing posted on

      Hi Robert,

      The card is waterproof and should withstand day to day use within a garage environment. However, if the card breaks you'll be able to use a simple online process to continue testing while you wait for a free replacement card. A replacement card will be sent by second-class post and should arrive within 3-5 days.



  32. Comment by Keith Mac posted on

    We shoud all stop testing for a week/ month until they see some sense. I presume the people who've thought this up have never had a real job where time is limited (or they have shares in the card providers..).

    How hard do you have to make it, do we get chance to even look at the vehicle or are we just sat at the computer jumping through endless hoops just to register it for test.

    The computer aspect should be streamlined rather than made more complicated so we can direct all our efforts at actually doing the physical inspection.

    I have one of these bank cards but luckily I have the option of logging in without which is infinitely preferable than messing around with code cards.

    As EVERYONE has already said, what's wrong with our password AND 6 digit pin that only we know, anyone can press a button on a card..

    It's like the game "buckaroo", they keep piling more and more on until something lets go, in tbis case the nt's more than likely.

  33. Comment by conrad posted on

    pointless how about fixing the broken bits i keep e mails about like entering brake efforts on class 3 and class 4 trikes

  34. Comment by Stephen posted on

    See the system still doesn't recognise first date use, As in expiry date. It loose 1 day, sort this out please.

  35. Comment by Daypt posted on

    I think it's a great idea, in fact let's have 2 cards each, even more secure ! Maybe implement date of birth , mothers maiden name , national insurance number and a system where 2 people have to turn keys at the same time . Let's lock fraud down ?

    • Replies to Daypt>

      Comment by Andy Constantinou posted on

      Your idea is flawed! anyone can get date of birth and personal details. Two people flicking a switch? We going to launch a nuclear missile! ? I know why dont we make it so that you have to do a retinal scan to log on or have a fingerprint reader. That will stop all fraud

  36. Comment by BARRY posted on

    What a complete waste of tax payers money yet again , the system at the moment works (just)
    Leave it alone and stop over complicating things . AND answer the questions being asked, exactly how many dodgy tests have been carried out ??

  37. Comment by ronnie cross posted on

    the old card system with the card reader was open to abuse aswell !!! the last time i was on a refresher course one lad didnt bring his with him because his BOSS not an NT was using his card to MOT test vehicles whilst he was off on THE refresher course

    • Replies to ronnie cross>

      Comment by Andy Constantinou posted on

      Rubbish !!
      If he's on a course then he can't test his boss doesn't need his card to do a test if he has his details. The fact that he was testing is fraudulent and he should have lost his AE rights.
      You would think that in the 21st century its possible to lock the tester out whilst he is training.

      • Replies to Andy Constantinou>

        Comment by S.S LEHAL posted on