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MOT information now easier to find on GOV.UK

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Finding MOT info on GOV.UK written on picture of tyres

In November 2014, over 2,500 of you took part in an exercise to test the new navigation of MOT services and information on GOV.UK. So thank you to everyone that helped with this exercise.

Your feedback has helped us to refine the structure so the information is in places you’d expect to find it. From this, we’ve developed an MOT browse page on GOV.UK with all the information you need to know about MOT testing.

You can view the new ‘beta’ version of this page at

If you’re an MOT tester then you can also pass on the web address to your customers to help them find MOT information more easily.

The page is split into 7 topic areas which include:

  • Being an MOT tester
  • Get and check an MOT
  • Lorry, bus and trailer annual test
  • MOT forms
  • MOT manuals and notices
  • MOT modernisation and testing service
  • Run an MOT test station

A link to the page is also available from the DVSA homepage.

If you have any feedback on the new navigation please use the ‘Is there anything wrong with this page?’ link on each page to send it direct to the team.

Thank you again for your help.

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  1. Comment by TT Tyne and Wear posted on

    mot modernisation, rubbish system.
    Help desk, no use at all if they switch their phones off.
    Go back to hand written forms and fill in test register at end of the month online.
    All testers knew this system wasn't going to work but dvsa, as usual take no notice of us and plough ahead with no concern for anyone else.

  2. Comment by R.B.D.KLEIN posted on


  3. Comment by John Ploughman, DVSA posted on


    I'm John Ploughman, the Content Design Manager at DVSA. Part of my job is to make GOV.UK easier to use.

    Since the middle of February (when we originally posted this story on Matters of Testing), we've already made more changes to in response to what we've seen.

    We found that some of the original section titles we'd come up with weren't always clear on what they contained.

    We've updated them to be more helpful, eg 'MOT: Manuals' has been renamed to 'MOT manuals and notices' to make it clear that's where special notices are.

    We also found a lot of users coming to the section and expecting to find information about the annual test for lorries, buses and trailers. So we've added a section for that, and renamed the main section from just 'MOT' to 'MOT and vehicle testing'.

    We'll continue to keep watching how the section is used and make improvements based on what we find.

    Thanks again to everyone who helped us back in November by taking part in the original exercise.