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The MOT: keeping our roads safe

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MOT tester checking car tyre

Last week was road safety week, and that provides a timely reminder about the contribution the MOT makes to keeping Britain’s roads safe.  

The MOT is there to make sure that the vehicles on our roads comply with roadworthiness standards. Around 27 million cars get an MOT in Britain each year and the MOT testing service is used by more than 60,000 MOT testers in over 22,700 garages.

It's easy to get caught up in thinking about how we should improve the MOT testing service, but it’s also worth reflecting on the importance of the MOT itself.

Every time you find a defect and either fail the MOT or provide the customer with advisories, you’re contributing towards safer vehicles. Your attention to doing this correctly, and continuing to improve is what helps keep our roads safe.

The MOT test

The MOT test has come a long way since it started in the early 1960s. When the MOT was first introduced it was a really basic test that looked at a few items including brakes, lights and steering. It was also only carried out after a vehicle was 10 years old and then every year after that.

Over the years the number of items tested has increased and developed as the vehicle fleet has changed and also as the technology for testing vehicles has improved.

Providing your customers with choice

One great thing about the MOT is the choice it provides to motorists. There are over 22,700 garages across Britain that offer an MOT and this helps support many rural businesses that might otherwise struggle.

This wide choice of garages provides motorists with the opportunity to buy the type of service they want in an area close to them. Being able to get a car repaired or serviced at the same garage as the MOT is also a massive benefit to many motorists as it saves them time and money.

The future of the MOT

In the future, the MOT will need to keep changing to make the most of the opportunities that new technology brings. DVSA will keep developing the service and working towards improving the quality of MOT standards.

We’ll also keep on improving the MOT testing service so that it better meets your needs. Your feedback is invaluable for this, so if you think there’s something that can be improved please let us know.  

One area we’re currently working on is improving how we engage with garage owners, managers and testers to make sure we’re changing and adding things to the service you want.

The recent blog on vehicle technical data is a good example of how we can quickly get your views on what you’d like to see added to the service.

Another example would be last month's Trade User Group. This saw the trade come together with DVSA managers and help define our strategy for improving the MOT.

There was lively and passionate debate, and it’s this type of open and honest engagement that helps make the service better. Getting positive engagement from all those involved in the MOT trade is key to improving it.

Services for motorists

We’ll also continue to develop services for motorists that help them get the most out of their MOT. We’ve already added services that allow your customers to check the MOT history of a vehicle and check when their next MOT is due.

If you think any of these services would be useful to your customers please let them know about them. Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Comment by john philips posted on

    regards the consultation changes to new car mots from 3 tears to 4 years ,the DVSA for some unknown keeps on going on about value for money for the motorist for a start new ROAD TAX for an average car is going to be £140 over 3 years £420 which before would have been £90 for 3 years the last budget INSURANCE PREMIUM TAX was increased ,also road safety aswell be affected , the mot fee has stayed the same since 2010 without a minimum fee or increase ,paying for our on equipment and training ,rip small honest mot garages

  2. Comment by Steve Torricelli posted on

    Received an email on 12 January 2017 stating that VOSA are looking to change the rules for first test on new vehicles from 3-4 years again! I tried to post a comment through the link in the email sent to me as an MOT tester, but the link took me to new rules for driving tests! I have tried searching on .gov and google and cannot find any mention of it? Is this an attempt for VOSA not to take testers views into consideration or a genuine error? Please advise where I can find the correct link.

  3. Comment by julian posted on

    just taken annual assessment would be good if you could see the questions that you got wrong and see why that would help with training as you could read up on those points

    • Replies to julian>

      Comment by Tony S posted on

      Quite agree, but that would be too easy.
      Though it was written somewhere, when all this was started, that we would be able to see this.
      Most probably a flaw in the system!!!

    • Replies to julian>

      Comment by DAVID posted on

      very true- and now we have had the only interaction we had with senior mot instructors taken from us with no more refresher training mot testers do not get the opportunity to learn from our mistakes.
      there are quality testers with a conscience out here I wish DVSA would work with us more to improve the job we do.
      THOMAS help us!

  4. Comment by Russ posted on

    I'm glad to hear you are looking at improving the site assessment and using the data better, as I think they actually could be desk based, if you had a system back of recording calibrations.

    I carry out my own QM, and I think it works well. I hope this doesn't go against me because I don't pay a company to come in?

    Also one of the questions is based on codes of practice scheme. Problem is, it has no weight, hardly any customers have ever heard of them either. Motor codes has now rebranded I believe, which confuses the consumer even more.

    I'm independent because I like to be independent; that doesn't mean I don't want to do things right, I do, but I think we provide a good service without these for profit companies and there's only so much money you can afford to spend on all of these areas. Unless you are a huge fast fit centre that can afford to have everything in house. I'd prefer to spend that money on rewarding my staff for their hard work.

    I think we're slowly going in the right direction, but it has to be taken into consideration that independence is very important to independent garages, and by joining a QM scheme, or motor codes etc is just a tick box exercise.

    There are some bad garages, like their are some bad builders, plumbers, electricians, but most of us want to please the customer and have their return business.

    Rant over?

    • Replies to Russ>

      Comment by Rafi. posted on

      A very good rant Russ. I agree with your comments 100 percent. Honesty and coustomer care brings them back every year. And of course based on trust they will spend their hard earned money on their vehicles and that's all about road safety.

  5. Comment by Peter Beaumont posted on

    yesterday i tested a land rover freelander which had no damping affect on a nearside rear shock absorber, (none at all) I then continued with the underside inspection and found there was a misting of shock absorber oil all the way to the bottom of that shocker, when reading the I.M on the condition of a shocker I decided that that shocker had a failed seal but not a visible serious fluid leak, obviously that shocker had had a serious fluid leak prior to test but had dried to a misting, it wasn't a slight misting, it had lost most/all of its oil!
    subsequently i failed the vehicle but the fail reads a serious fluid leak and not a failed seal' why? can we be clearer on a failed seal / serious fluid leak, Did i make the correct decision? please advise.

    • Replies to Peter Beaumont>

      Comment by Thomas (DVSA) posted on

      Hi Peter,

      Shock absorbers with negligible damping effect are only advisory since this aspect of the test was removed to comply with the latest EU Testing Directive.

      The checks on shock absorbers are for presence, damage, corrosion, security, fluid leaks and condition of linkages/bushes or pivots. The standard for leaks is "serious enough to indicate that the fluid seal of a shock absorber has failed". If you are in any doubt then pass and advise would be the right course of action.

      Your description of the leak does not appear to meet the criteria for rejection.



      • Replies to Thomas (DVSA)>

        Comment by pete b posted on

        Thanks thomas, advice taken on board, perhaps in hynsight a dangerous advisory would have been the correct desicion

    • Replies to Peter Beaumont>

      Comment by Tony S posted on

      I agree with Peter, it should fail, but it's all down to the words in the book, and there are no grey areas in the book!!!

      • Replies to Tony S>

        Comment by john posted on

        we have to end the use the mot as a sales tool and main dealers offering mot s for life ,post offices are not allowed to charge different prices or discount car tax to get more business its a set price the mot fee should be the same ,also a limit to how many stations can operate in a certain area ,at the moment a new bay open near you and discounts the fee to get work its not competition its business wrecking , the test fee must be to indexed linked ,there must a minimum price or a fixed fee ,with hybrides and electric vehicles becoming more prevalent ,how are we supposed to invest in training and equipment ,or are else we will go the same way as the television repair shops ,no test fee increase since 2010 ,how long do we have to wait

  6. Comment by jamie posted on

    The whole MOT scheme is (and always was) torn between two competing ideologies. Collectivism vs Individualism.
    What's best for society as a whole vs What's best for you as a seperate person. Lots of conflict there.
    Throw in a bit of Marxism and Free Market Capitalism along with the familiar bed-fellows of both sides: fraud and corruption.
    Cap it off with a nice bit of Altruism. Oh yes and a good stirring of self-righteousness in it's enforcement (by some NT's and -dareIsayit- DVSA!) Quite a problem to write computor code for!
    Red Amber Green is a blunt tool and DVSA know it in "their hearts".
    No plates is a law enforcement thing...etc
    Really guys it rests ultimately on common sense and honesty.
    The repeated message I have always had on refresher courses is THE TEST IS A MINIMUM STANDARD. NASTY BUT TRUE.
    Therefore in MHO the "advisories" ARE important.....very important.
    1. Noting things THAT YOU WOULD WANT TO KNOW if you were driving your family around in the car...e.g " x "- not so good - "y" bit rusty etc.
    2. If you note it, you haven't missed it AND YOU DEFINITELY must have inspected THE vehicle and unlikely have logged such unique things for fun!
    The big challenge for NT's is: for advice to work it needs to be accurately described and consistent in application. i.e human input...and particularly skilled linguistics..........or it is often of ZERO value.

    I'm a tester (for 34yrs non stop) and a part time philosopher too.!

    • Replies to jamie>

      Comment by darren posted on

      well said i couldnt agree with you more,ive been testing for the last 25 years and standard of the mot is so low its ridiculous

    • Replies to jamie>

      Comment by John Darby posted on

      I've said it once and I'll say it again "advisories should not be part of an MoT test"
      If you want to advise your customer that the front pads are low, that's fine verbalise it or even make a receipt with it on, but the test is a test to see if it meets the minimum requirements to be on the road, end of.
      Advisories are there to cover our backs and we shouldn't rely on it. Pass or Fail that is the question. The test isn't an IQ test, there aren't levels of passes. We shouldn't be putting our opinions on official certificates. I've been testing for 32 years without gaps and also part time Philosophy but that has no bearing on the fact some testers believe by putting in an advisory they have allowed something to pass that shouldn't have done or on the other extreme you have a tester who has advised the whole car or bike or whatever to either get more work out of it or get the customer to sell the vehicle. In my years of testing I see no value in 95% of advisories. Does anybody have a driving licence with passed category B and an advisory for poor reversing skills but not serious enough to put other peoples lives in danger. No, because the people testing are testing to a minimum standard and that is it. I put advisories/recommendations down if I fail the vehicle but never in the test. I do leave the advisory on if not repaired before some joker comes on here to pick me up. Why should our test be any different to any other test. Dear Jonas Heinz you have passed your UK/British citizenship test but we recommend you improve on your British history. Would you believe it I've just had a customer come in and show me a test he's just had at another test station on his Peugeot with an advisory for a lower arm bush that's tearing out. Why didn't they fail it. Advisories stink.
      Have you the Balls to pass or fail?

      • Replies to John Darby>

        Comment by darren posted on

        totally disagree

        • Replies to darren>

          Comment by John Darby posted on

          Customers responsibility to maintain vehicle not testing station. MoT test are for a minimum standards. To expect testing stations to assess future use is wrong. As one of my chaps here said, "don't advise separate items, just put - GET SERVICED"
          Just to retort Darren, I counter your opinion. No value in that argument is there?

      • Replies to John Darby>

        Comment by Tony S posted on

        Obviously it was not bad enough to fail, so they advised that it was close to failure and you need to get it repaired soon before it starts banging about and the steering goes all floppy!!!

  7. Comment by Martin posted on

    Perhaps you could ask Neil barlow why they have moved the goalposts on the red/amber/green system for rating VTS.
    We cannot improve our score because we do not have a third party doing our training and QC checks.
    Have complied with all previous recommendations and have been green for four years.
    Our last site visit we could not score any better and I had to educate the VE on comp 2, to the point where he was making notes.
    So our site cannot get any better, I know more about comp 2 than the person sent to check up on us, and score 100% on the I.M questions but am still marked down to amber.
    Makes me wonder why we bother !!!

    • Replies to Martin>

      Comment by Thomas (DVSA) posted on

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your comment, here's Neil's response:

      "We appreciate that the workings of the risk ratings process can be frustrating. I don’t know the details of your individual garage so can’t comment on the detail of why your garage has scored as it is. However, the risk rating system is a method purely used by DVSA to help direct its resource. The scores all end up (in effect) in a big list and the banding is then applied so that we know how to direct our resource.

      This means that from time to time we need to change where those bands sit to make sure that they match our resource levels. I recognise that how we currently do risk rating is not as good as it could be and it's one of the areas for improvement that we touched upon with the trade user group recently.

      Next year, we plan to do more work on this. This work will look at how we can better use the data we have from the MOT Testing Service, together with the results of our assessments of how you manage test quality to determine a more sophisticated risk score.

      As work progresses on that, we'll update everyone through this blog."



      • Replies to Thomas (DVSA)>

        Comment by Martin posted on

        That doesn't explain why garages with a higher score are in the green band and I know of several.
        It seems that the current system is biased towards "main dealer" VTS who can afford third party QC and training and has little to do with quality and consistency of testing.
        Perhaps you can appreciate my frustration on this matter

        • Replies to Martin>

          Comment by Thomas (DVSA) posted on

          Hi Martin,

          Sorry for the late reply on this one. The risk score calculations are quite complex and different aspects are weighted differently in proportion to risk. So, a garage may have a higher score than you and still be in the green because some areas of their business pose less of a risk.

          If you email full details of your VTS to someone can look into this and get back to you about your current rating.



          • Replies to Thomas (DVSA)>

            Comment by Martin posted on

            Thanks Thomas , I will

          • Replies to Thomas (DVSA)>

            Comment by Lonewolf posted on

            That being the case of different areas posing a higher risk of non compliance, would it not be a good idea to put some kind of explanation of this in the self assessment. If I do a self assessment and score myself 5 on every item I still don't get anything that adds my current risk score. Also why are you heavily penalised for being a new VTS? My VTS has only been live for 9 months so things like staff retention can't score highly. Doesn't matter that I've been testing for 15 years without incident

    • Replies to Martin>

      Comment by kevin posted on

      having just completed my annual assessment test I have just spent the last 2 days searching all the special notices and the testers manual and I find NO references to BEST PRACTICE anywhere ,have I missed something as I was under the impression that we should test to the guidelines MOI,s and reasons for rejection .If we start to follow best practice we would fail shockabsorbers that don't function ,brake disc's that are severely corroded. So next time when Questions are set let them actually say Following the correct procedures as set out in the inspection manual and special notices ______________ ,We have been told testing standards are too be improved by these assessments ,somehow I very much doubt it most people I have spoken to only remember the devious way that questions are set

      • Replies to kevin>

        Comment by mark posted on

        yes very devious even one of the sample questions is wrong the one about the motorcycle front position lamp says pass but why not pass and advise because i was always told you can advise anything at the refresher course whats changed

  8. Comment by ian posted on

    when was the last person killed solely because the vehicle failed an mot ?

  9. Comment by Tom posted on

    The new pin card no replaceable battery very thin what is the life expectancy of that?
    The same tester that discloses their pin will hand over their card I can't see what's the benefit of the new system apart from another item to slow up the test procedure.

    • Replies to Tom>

      Comment by Thomas (DVSA) posted on

      Hi Tom,

      The battery should last 4 years.



    • Replies to Tom>

      Comment by John. posted on

      Agree with Tom, I test in the big city, not some backwater, I hear all the stories of the local trade guys who get their certs through the post, a bent garage will always be bent, where there is a will, there is a way.

  10. Comment by Harry posted on

    You say, we'll also keep on improving the MOT testing service, so it better meet's your needs. What a joke that statement is.
    WHAT WE NEED IS A SET FEE. One price for all, with no reductions, a level playing field. So we can invest in our testing service. This is not possible with the pricing fiasco as it stands.
    We have had no increase in MOT fees in seven year's. Most stations in my area are charging less than they were 15 years ago.
    Hallford's just down the road from me. Has a sign outside MOT's £10.00. The two stations close to them are charging £15.00 trade and between £20.00 and £25.00 to the public. How do I explain to my customers why my price should be double.
    This price reduction, should be treated the same as DPF removal
    and classed as, undermining the MOT, and bringing the scheme into disrepute.
    These stations are not daft enough to use the V30 to make up for there cheap, loss leader MOT's. But hand out there own fake copy of it, with red amber and green bands on it to sell add on's to an unsuspecting public. Surely this practice also undermines the testing service.
    As for DVSA targeting the cut price station's, I have spoken to a trader, who used to use us for MOT, but now goes to the cheap no fails station, because of price and other reasons. He tells me, that site have not seen any one from the DVSA in over two years.
    I have also noticed, on here that DVSA only reply when it suits them.
    So come on Thomas, what are the DVSA going to do about the pricing fiasco that make the whole of the the MOT testing scheme, a laughing stock.

    • Replies to Harry>

      Comment by Thomas (DVSA) posted on

      Hi Harry,

      Thanks for your feedback. You are right that I don't reply to all of the comments separately, but I do try to respond to as many as I can. Not all comments need a reply, so I try to reply where I think a DVSA response would be helpful.

      On this one, I asked Neil Barlow and he gave me the following response:

      ‘MOT fees and whether discounting should be allowed is a contentious subject, and one that not all garages would agree on.

      In recent months, DVSA has been working with DfT and some trade association representatives to pull together options around fees – both on fee levels (test fee and slot fee) and the longer term options around whether the current structure is right. We aim to seek permission from Ministers to consult on this in the new year, so that will provide an opportunity for views to be heard.

      We look forward to the trade and motoring public getting involved in that so we can be best assured of an approach that best protects test quality whilst providing value for money for the motoring public.’

      I hope this helps answer your question.



    • Replies to Harry>

      Comment by darren posted on

      totally agree with you on that one,we should have a set price and be done with all these silly low price MOTs. and like you said then we can reinvest back into the business

    • Replies to Harry>

      Comment by cheekyboy posted on

      biggest mistake ever setting a fixed fee for MOT's i charge £54.85 and i'm always busy, big companies will destroy small garages when a fixed fee happens

      • Replies to cheekyboy>

        Comment by Harry posted on

        Not sure what makes you think that Cheeky.
        Try running a shoe shop selling a nice pair of boot's for £54.85, and a new shoe shop open's up next door to you and starts selling exactly the same boot's for £10.00. Where would you buy them from.
        So if, as we are led to believe, the MOT is the same in every shop. It should be the same price in every shop.

        • Replies to Harry>

          Comment by cheekyboy posted on

          in my town others are giving discounted mot's customers trust there usual garage, but as soon as set price comes in people like tesco will open testing stations for whilst we are shopping, and then you watch them give out free mot vouchers when you spend so much in store, they will wipe the floor with us,

          • Replies to cheekyboy>

            Comment by darren posted on

            just a quickie,tesco or any other major supermarket will not be opening MOT STATIONS at there stores

          • Replies to cheekyboy>

            Comment by cheekyboy posted on

            they will if fixed price mot's come into, they have already looked into it but because the pricing wasn't fixed they didn't go ahead, watch this space

  11. Comment by steve thomas posted on

    ive just been reading some of the comments that other garages have left as a mot tester myself one thing id like to say is that mot testing comes with a big response ability no body helps us when things go wrong so i think the correct fee should be £45.00 that what i charge and no re test fee and i think thats cheap

  12. Comment by richard posted on

    can anybody tell me what useful purpose number plate lights do on a car?.

    • Replies to richard>

      Comment by Tony S posted on

      Light up the number plate!!!!!!!!(-)

      • Replies to Tony S>

        Comment by cheekyboy posted on

        yeah I agree with Tony they light up the number plate

      • Replies to Tony S>

        Comment by neil posted on

        think the point is how does number plate lights improve road safety and if it does why not the front also to double its effect.

        • Replies to neil>

          Comment by Tony S posted on

          Just having a "light joke".....!
          you'll find the reason for the number plate lamp is to light up the number plate so that certain people can see it in the dark,
          Safety, questionable, we'll have to ask Thomas to ask Neil.

          • Replies to Tony S>

            Comment by Peter Beaumont posted on

            I understand the three primary objectives of the MOT test are as follows:
            1, road safety (to reduce road deaths)
            2, vehicle security (reduction of vehicle crime)
            3, the environment (emissions testing)
            number plates and their lighting can fall under vehicle security heading,
            Although it helps the road enforcement agencies know where to send the fines from the dreaded gatso camera's etc. LOL 🙂

          • Replies to Tony S>

            Comment by julian posted on

            also when you have been run over you can see the number plate so safety

  13. Comment by Manshu Ydoxy posted on

    Excellent article. It is very useful discussion for the safe roads. Good job..

    Manshu Ydoxy
    Seo Consultant

  14. Comment by Trevor posted on

    Caravans and trailers definately need to come into the MOT scheme. So many people lose their holiday because the tyres blow out after they have loaded the kitchen sink in the caravan and set off. Usually the dog is in as well. Safety is important but it is also preferable to save people going through the experience. No one can predict the outcome!
    Also tyre law needs updating. Who wants a tyre on any road vehicle that's over 10 years old?
    Check out Bill 77, Frances Molloy and 38 Degrees old tyres. I can't understand why the legislators are prevaricating?

  15. Comment by TOM posted on

    Mot test a safety test ?? How come some lowered cars are allowed on the road. No suspension travel, they bounce along tyres bearly in contact with the road cant be very safe

    • Replies to TOM>

      Comment by Ash posted on

      I'm a tester. I drive a modified car that's lowered 60mm rear and 45mm front. Handles better than ANY car I've road tested.

  16. Comment by A heckford posted on

    Answer this if dvsa are trying to change mots to every two years WHY do taxis get tested every six months

  17. Comment by Andy Lester posted on

    Road safety ? Is all about ticking boxes pricing well that's just becoming a price war in my town then you get Vosa come pay you a visit and try to force there own personal rules on testing and and how to run your test station not what's in the book refresher corse well there's another joke and money making scream at the end of the day anyone can sit it for you what's to stop them ? The test should cover safty items for all so Where does cats and dpfs number plates

    I may not agree with items on mot test but I was always told to test by the book if in doubt talk to other testers but you have the final say pass advise fail and don't forget if you fail to many of the same item you become above the national average you get a visit too
    Theses new cards for your pass word what a joke they are too

    I got pulled up my Mr Vosa for using a different IP address and was told you all have to use the same computer / iPad etc wherecwas that special notice must of mist that one

    Rant over

    • Replies to Andy Lester>

      Comment by Thomas (DVSA) posted on

      Hi Andy,

      You don’t have to use the same computer or tablet to record MOT test results but you must record them at the garage where the test is taking place. Can you email with more details about this and we can look into why you were told this.



      • Replies to Thomas (DVSA)>

        Comment by Andy Lester posted on

        Many thanks for your reply Would you like your name in the subject ?

        • Replies to Andy Lester>

          Comment by Thomas (DVSA) posted on

          Hi Andy,

          No problem - You don't need to include my name in the subject.



          • Replies to Thomas (DVSA)>

            Comment by Colin posted on

            Our guys log on/off via 3/4G. So different IP address every time.

  18. Comment by Paul posted on

    Reflecting on the importance of the MOT itself and regarding the of late data entry changes, why was it done Neil?

  19. Comment by The shrew posted on

    Anyone Charging £35.00 and not making any money need to look at their books and staff or employ me to come and do an assessment as your staff are lifting your leg....

  20. Comment by John Darby posted on

    I would agree with some here that reverse lights are an important safety issue on vehicles both for the driver and other road users. Number plate lights are not and neither are the number plates. My station is a higher risk because we test older vehicles up to 1961 but if I were to have a fleet of 1960 vehicles as far as the ministry are concerned I'm no risk. The test needs to be completely assessed from a safety point of view and things like number plates can be issues for the police and not a safety test. The fee should be a fixed fee to stop garages trying to test as one member on here suggested £35. you can't run a station on £35 a test. I don't like the advisories neither. You either have a pass or fail. When we took our driving test the tester didn't give you a list of advisories on your driving. We could change the system so it would be like an O level or whatever they call it today. so you could have passes at different levels. A for super safe B for very good C for good and D for safe and E for go home and try again. But advisories as I see it are mainly for those who aren't sure they should pass it. That'll warm a few fingers up on here lol.

  21. Comment by malcolm mole posted on

    the MOT should NOT be lengthened to 2 or more years... in fact I feel NEW vehicles should be subject from day 1.

    Personally I have come across at least 4 new vehicles that ought to fail a test and were dangerous.. the PDI having been skimped.

    Also the drivers floor should be subject to the test NOT just the "strength" points... My old fiesta had a "missing floor" and just thick carpeting underfoot... whilst a current vito has 40% of the drivers floor missing and it passed the test.... I found it after lifting the matting to trace a leak... it is currently being replaced in its entirety.

  22. Comment by ANDREW FOSTER posted on

    Keeping our roads safe what a joke

    the reason the mot test was introduced was because vehicle owners could'nt be relied upon to keep their vehicles road worthy

    we now have a bizarre situation that vehicles over as certain age no longer have to have any check / test at all

    this means that some old car can be dragged out of a barn and used on a road without any checks at all

    should then the police be concentrating on law abiding people and ignore crime

    theres always the excepition to the rule but in general the days of vehicle owners being competent & understanding of vehicles is very few and far between

    everybody can fix a car but show them a washing machine or a central heating boiler

    prehaps we will have to wait for a terrific accident to change views / law

    it is then a case for what items are tested and the frequency

    but to completeley ignore is not and option

    • Replies to ANDREW FOSTER>

      Comment by dannyspears posted on

      i still think all vehicles especially all age related ie 40 years + still should be checked for road worthiness, especially ones found in the barns or on Ebay need checking before they are driven on the road.
      The whole system makes a mockery of MOT test.

    • Replies to ANDREW FOSTER>

      Comment by A heckford posted on

      Taking a backward step on training new system wast of time anybody could take it for someone and what's this about guaranteed pass to become a tester safer your joking o and it's only 4K. I can see a shortage of testers in the future and get the fee sorted to stop these cheap testing stations ripping the public off and whose brainwave was it not to test pre sixties cars not that fool he's now the chancellor just a few comments but so true

    • Replies to ANDREW FOSTER>

      Comment by Mark Gregory Clark posted on

      I read a report by the federation of historic vehicle clubs which stated that some classic car parts suppliers had reported a massive drop in sales of steering, suspension and braking parts for historic vehicles immediately after the MoT exemption for older vehicles was introduced, I can't think why !!!

      • Replies to Mark Gregory Clark>

        Comment by brian posted on

        my testing station use to test a lot of pre 1960 vehicles now I test one pre 1960 vehicle and that's because his insurance company insists he has a annual safety check, i rest my case

  23. Comment by GARETH DAVIES posted on

    Definately agree with fixing the minimum price of the mot test to ensure the quality of the test is maintained.
    The length of time needed to carry out the average test has been the subject of a thourough investigation by dvsa and the results established the test maximum price by taking into account an average labour rate. If a garage is offering large discounts for the test there is the danger that the quality of the test is reduced. There is always a danger with large discounts that the garage will attempt to make up the money it could have earned from the test by doing unnecessary or over priced repairs. Fixing the minimum price and allocating points for discounting will allow the test to be profitable enough to allocate the correct amount of time per test and allow garages to continually invest in their facilities and testers. I do not agree that this will only benefit larger garages in fact i think its quite the reverse as the larger garages are usually well funded from their other activties anyway. It will be possible to regulate the minimum price by best practice guide and if a garage wants to offer other incentives, like cheaper servicing to attract mot business thats fine provided full test fee is made and the test time and quality not reduced as a result.

  24. Comment by derek posted on

    Hi guys you talk about mot fees you do your job mot the vehicle up to your boss or company to charge what they want,keep it safe that is all we do another year of mots merry christmas guys

  25. Comment by Merv posted on

    I really do not see why any vehicle that uses the public highway, however infrequently, should not be subject to an annual or bi-annual test

  26. Comment by dannyspears posted on

    why is it that revesing lights and rear wiper not on system.and mots should fixed at the fee.

  27. Comment by Raf posted on

    Hi, just a thought I had after most mentioned fixed prices... Who will stop my boss to offer mot at fixed price but also offer mot + service at the special low price eg just like now for £99.
    I think also if you separate garages from mot centres what stop my boss to have nice deal with the garage next door which belongs to his wife? Just few examples but the only thing that might stop mot station taking advantage is more controlling/checking, and higher penalties.
    What really worked me? Garages doing quick passes without even seeing a car!! I did failed a car some time ago to a guy who after heard from me that car is dangerous set I should pay £50 extra and test it somewhere else where they never test as much(car on the ramp up and down-yes got some wheels pass) there was big problem with break pipes, steering column insecure chassis rotten etc.
    Checked last week and it passed with no advisory.
    This is what I think DVSA should sorted out first.
    Ps. sorry for bad english-not native.

    • Replies to Raf>

      Comment by Tony S posted on

      So DVSA should be able to pick up on this fairly easily

  28. Comment by cheekyboy posted on

    worst thing that can happen is fixed fee pricing, if that happens there will be loads of mot stations shutting down. will open the window to all the big boys to wipe the floor with us smaller garages, and as for caravan and trailer testing good luck if you have the storage to store them.

    • Replies to cheekyboy>

      Comment by richard posted on

      I'm going to agree with cheekboy here, last thing we want is a fixed price. I can remember quite a few years back , at one of the seminars, someone was talking about one of the big supermarkets, maybe Tesco, were thinking about having MOT/repair testing stations at the superstores, a bit of a while you shop we will mot/service your vehicle scenario & the only reason that stopped them setting it up was because the mot price wasn't a fixed fee.
      I suppose there is no reason if you all got to together and said how about we all charge the same price, but I guess then you'd be accused of running a cartel.

    • Replies to cheekyboy>

      Comment by John Darby posted on

  29. Comment by Martin posted on

    If the mot test is about road safety why do they keep moving the goalposts and lowering the standards.
    They are more concerned about crossing T's and dotting I's and trying not to offend Joe public's sensibility's
    And as for the "New" assessment and CPD training to drive up testing standards, don't make me laugh.

    • Replies to Martin>

      Comment by mark posted on

      your bang right about assessment and CPD

      • Replies to mark>

        Comment by Stephen Chippett posted on

        Many vehicles come in for a service and then we find out they have been out of MOT for days, weeks, sometimes months and the owners are completely unaware and usually shocked if they are really honest people. Or they only realise when they attempt to tax the vehicle. If they were involved in an accident would they be insured? I know it's their responsibility but there must be a better way of reminding them.

    • Replies to Martin>

      Comment by posted on

      Brake pads wear limit 1. 5 mm is this road safety, .no not on my car

    • Replies to Martin>

      Comment by Phil posted on

      Your right, the mot seems to be more about passing & advising, even when, as fully skilled technicians, we can see that the part is past its sell by date. Why not get an unskilled office wallah to do the testing then you would get the results you want. I say the mot is a spent force even the area examiners seem despondant. Safest roads in the world ?? Well we did have !!

    • Replies to Martin>

      Comment by Brian Brock posted on

      I have been involved in the motor repair business since 1953 and testing since it began in the 60s now someone who has it all in there heads (never touched a spanner) is going to tell me how to carry out an MOT it's a joke

  30. Comment by Richard Jackson posted on

    I agree with Tony a minimum fee should be brought in by law . It would be the only way to control and get rid of discounting . We are all required to abide with the regulations and law as far as testing is concerned why not a standard minimum fee of £54.85 not maximum then every one is doing the same thing and the motorist knows the price .

  31. Comment by Tony Hill posted on

    I would correct Jim Walker in his assumption that HGV's and PSV's although tested by a separate tester they are still repaired at the test centre, since the start of the ATS system, so no difference in this system to any of the other classes,
    I agree it is about time the discounting stopped, but this debate has been had many times before, the maximum price of all MOT's is set legislation, but there is no minimum and that's what would be required if your wish were to be implemented.
    I assume Jim only has a MOT station.

    • Replies to Tony Hill>

      Comment by David Bishop posted on

      I totally agree with Jim’s points. The key issue with HGV & PSV testing is that the tester is independent and not employed by the franchise, dealership, garage etc; and therefore these entities can’t influence the vehicle examiners views as to what the test result should be. The vehicle simply passes of fails on its own merit.

  32. Comment by Adrian Mackenzie posted on

    An MOT reminder system should be put in place our station is on a small island with no Police cameras or checking system lots of vehicles are running about with no current Mot as folk have just forgot the due date. Some others just run about on Sorn. Tractors and Trailers ,towavans etc should have an annual test as most are in poor condition.

    • Replies to Adrian Mackenzie>

      Comment by Thomas (DVSA) posted on

      Hi Adrian,

      We're planning to introduce an MOT reminder service in the future. We'll let you know when it's available.



      • Replies to Thomas (DVSA)>

        Comment by Adrian Mackenzie posted on

        Hi thanks for reply Tom.

    • Replies to Adrian Mackenzie>

      Comment by Dave s posted on

      You have the customers number & a date that the MOT expires so why don't you ring them to let them know the MOT is due or sign up to MOT MANAGER a online reminder service. Vosa use to have a reminder service that cost £1.50 but no one took it up.

      • Replies to Dave s>

        Comment by nick posted on

        i have my own reminder system set up with my invoices, this works very well for me and for my customers, but still even with reminders ,it is still up to the general puplic to book their cars in ?

      • Replies to Dave s>

        Comment by Paul Hooker posted on

        We tried sending out remiders by post years ago, then by email, that does't work because many of the customers have sold the car so you have spent valuable wasted time & money. We find the best reminder is a little label that we create. It has our address and the due date, just stick it somewhere discrete but can seen easily.

  33. Comment by Peter French posted on

    Any attempt to 'fix the fee' for all test centres is unenforceable. Garages will just offer incentives to customers in order to attract business. An efficient test bay should be profitable at £35 per test anyway.

  34. Comment by richard sewell posted on

    definitely agree with fixed price mot tests and even more strongly about mot tests for caravans trailers.too many unsafe caravans on roads.

    • Replies to richard sewell>

      Comment by Andrew Moorey posted on

      What do you base that statement on? Majority of times when a caravan is involved I some kind of accident it's fue to driver error or bad/ overloading of the caravan. In general, most caravans are well maintained. There's not much to test apart from lights, brakes and tow hitch, the only time I've ever known a caravan to become detached from the towing vehicle is when it wasn't attached properly in the first place. Wheels will only come off if not tightened properly and lamp failure is usually avoided as lights are checked as part of the hitching up routine.

  35. Comment by martin harrison posted on

    A fixed fee would be a good move I agree, but there is nothing stopping the MOT station discounting the "service" instead of the test to compromise for the fixed fee, in a bid to attract customers to their workshops.

  36. Comment by Roger Ayres posted on

    How many trailers and caravans are involved in accidents which have due to mechanical failure, not caused by the driver of the towing vehicle ?

    To set up a testing station to deal with just trailer and caravans would require a very big investment for very limited numbers of units to be tested.

    • Replies to Roger Ayres>

      Comment by John Little posted on

      what about farm tractors driven by 16 year olds pulling 20 tonnes of grain and not tax or test

      • Replies to John Little>

        Comment by Andrew Richard posted on

        DVSA are not interested in chasing farmers when they are acting as haulage contractors, with no brakes, lights and overloaded .easier to chase genuine operators for minor infringements.

  37. Comment by Richard Jackson posted on

    strongly agree with other comments to standardise the test fee as are commercial vehicle tests.With the increase in costs of running an MOT station due in part to the new training schemes it makes total sense to make the test fee fixed at £54.85 or whatever the fee is at any point in the future. Make it a points against system if discounting is found or advertised.
    Let all stations benefit from the standard fee and make life a little bit better for us all.

  38. Comment by DAVID posted on

    with the new govt websites available for public to check mot history and when there vehicle runs out- many customers do not know this is even available to them-who goes on a govt website just for fun?!

    why not have these websites addresses on VT20+30??

    • Replies to DAVID>

      Comment by Thomas (DVSA) posted on

      Hi David,

      Good ideas - we'll be doing more to publicise these services in the near future. We're also planning to introduce an MOT reminder service for the public.



  39. Comment by alan burrows posted on

    caravans should be tested as a moter home has to and they both spend as much time parked up and on the road

    • Replies to alan burrows>

      Comment by kevin posted on

      if you are found to be failing unjustly you leave yourself open to penalty points I would have thought an honest test station would be the best people to repair a vehicle to the correct standards ,without both incomes mot test station would not be a viable businesses

      • Replies to kevin>

        Comment by Adrian Mackenzie posted on

        We are based on a small Island and have the same view as you Kevin

  40. Comment by jim walker posted on

    we are a rural garage, so i know what I'm talking about, MOT stations should not carry out any repairs to the vehicle that they have just tested ( in the current financial climate the temptation to profit from the failure could be to great ) all MOT stations should be independent of the repairer, exactly as HGV stations are, This would ensure mot bays are run as stand alone cost centres, this would almost eliminate discounting ( the bay has to pay its way ) a fixed fee across the board could be charged, this would stop the MOT scheme being used as a loss leader undermining customer confidence, and would ensure "in the customers eyes" the mot was done, whether by the nation chains or local centres without prejudice or favour. this would also in time, naturally raise MOT testing standards.

    • Replies to jim walker>

      Comment by B laugharne posted on

      If anyone has evidence!! Of wrong doings regarding the mot test scheme they should provide that evidence to the DVSA and not tar every garage with this slur on their trading history based purely on innuendo!!! I invite the person who has made such a sweeping statement regarding the whole of the garage community,to invest in a test station if he has not already done so ,and not display envy that garages make money offering their services because he does not, it is not permitted by DVSA to make a customer feel he or her has to have the repair,s carried out the garage that tested the vehicle but are allowed to offer their services!! the customer also has the right to disagree with a decision via a vt 17 form on permanent display at the vts. Centre or garage we do not discount as we find it has been costed by the DVSA to reflect fair play to the customer and garage discounting does leave you thinking how can other stations make it pay but we don't know the other aspects of their business that may be used to offset the discount offered so that is why I disagree with a sweeping statement tarring everyone with the same brush, we have a good system regarding road safety and whenever at the ministry seminar,s when changes were talked about the thing that stood out in the question and answer sessions was the main thrust from the garage service was safety and not profit this was observed and pointed out by the lecturer on the night, so let,s make changes that are evidence based and not innuendo or envy there is enough red tape in all walks of life i.e. Doctors and many other professional,s to a point where the job they want to do gets bogged down pushing paper and the profession gets demoralised to the point where they leave it!!! If you want proof look at the situation regarding GP doctor recruitment?? Think about it

  41. Comment by S ONeil posted on

    More importantly, when are DVSA going to enforce fixed price MOT. Too many garages are using the MOT as a loss leader, so devaluing the safety aspect. Cost of running an MOT station has risen dramatically since the new system started. The MOT is a Government run system - I cannot get a discount on my Prescription Charges, Road Tax, Passport application etc, - all of these are non negotiable, but a critical road safety test is heavily discounted, especially by Dealers & Franchises. If DVSA are serious about the road safety aspect, then it's time for the MOT price to be fixed.

    • Replies to S ONeil>

      Comment by B laugharne posted on

      I made the same points about passports and driving license,s. e.t.c. On a previous occasion,but I have just replied to a previous comment made implying illegal activities in the mot system which if evidence is present pass it on to DVSA,but unless we have accces to the other business activities a dealership or garage has that they may choose to subsidise the test , we should not cast innuendo.even though I get where you are coming from as a one man band without tons of staff to try and keep up with ever more red tape , I don't discount and I feel DVSA will look at a VTS if they are operating at an unrealistic level of discounting without being able to justify the viability of what they are doing, I have seen free mot tests offered with a service.?? But I don't know what their profit margins are regarding servicing, but I do sympathise with your comments. This a the nature of the free marketplace!!

  42. Comment by karen posted on

    The MOT is vital as some people only have their cars checked at this time, I was wondering if the Minster for Transport is still proposing to change from 3:1:1 to 4:2:2 which I believe is ridiculous considering how important the MOT is????

  43. Comment by Resh Uppal posted on

    Agree with Phill,discounting should be stopped,will be good for customers and the trade in the long run.

  44. Comment by Phil Hook posted on

    Totally agree with comment about testing caravans & trailers this should have been introduced years ago, also would like to add that test fees should be fixed with no discounting allowed, the discounting is only the spratt to catch the mackeral. Heavy goods testing is carried out at same fixed price wherever the vehicle is tested & I believe that in the interests of road safety it should apply to all road vehicles of any class.

    • Replies to Phil Hook>

      Comment by Dennis ford posted on

      I have my caravan serviced by the dealer that supplied it and that do more than an mot also they stick a year sticker on the a frame with the year that it was done as a mechanic and mot tester for forty years this I fill is enough there fitters are specialists in this field and all caravaners should be made to have this done once a year

      • Replies to Dennis ford>

        Comment by A heckford posted on

        Yes they've got wheel bearings steering ect that never wear out

  45. Comment by MOT JUICE Barry posted on

    We see that electric vans don't require an mot test !! this sounds like bad business for the mot trade, and flies in the face of road safety. Do DVSA see this changing.

    We saw this on this web page

    Exempt vehicles
    Other vehicles that don’t need an MOT include:

    cars and motorcycles made before 1960
    goods vehicles powered by electricity

    • Replies to MOT JUICE Barry>

      Comment by B laugharne posted on

      Vehicles exempt from the testing scheme can still have a test but you cannot fail the vehicle but issue advisory notice of any faults found etc the thinking behind this was that the test was cheaper than paying for an engineers report should the insurance company request one in the event of an accident. It also shows a record of maintenance, In the Isle of Man they have no mot due to the size of the island but if you have an accident with no proof of maintenance you have a big problem the onus is on the owner of the vehicle to make sure it is in a roadworthy condition, My concern is that vehicles like moggy 1000 and mini,s and cars of that era were prone to losing your brake pedal without warning, no split system then,they are using new old stock spares for repairs the problem has not gone away on these old vehicles, I know they don't get the daily use they were ment to DVSA could have stretched the test to every 2 years for collectables without compromising road safety, a vehicle not in regular use in my experience is worse than on used often because dormant systems electrical or mechanical tend to seize up or stop working due to lack of use

      • Replies to B laugharne>

        Comment by Don coady posted on

        Ido not understand why any car should be exempt wheather its driven 1 day of the year or 365 in an accident it does the same damage there is big difference in driving a vehicle 30 40 yrs old than a vehicle of to day steering bracking and handling are vastly different it is still a thing of mass destruction and a life ending machine

  46. Comment by george posted on

    definitely Robert .some are left from 1yr to another, never moving then hitched up and towed for miles, unchecked in many cases .

  47. Comment by Wilma Collier posted on

    Yes I agree.
    Also tractor and trailers which are on the public highway and can do a speed of over 40mph.

    • Replies to Wilma Collier>

      Comment by Chris posted on

      Agricutral Tractors should be tested , knew a guy that had track rod ends held up in place with bale cord whilst he waited to get them welded round (again ! )

    • Replies to Wilma Collier>

      Comment by darren posted on

      definitely test tractors and trailers,you see them o n the roads more and more nowadays

  48. Comment by Robert Youngman posted on

    Is it not time to start mot testing caravans and trailers

    • Replies to Robert Youngman>

      Comment by Jonathan Bell posted on

      Should the speedometer be checked to ensure is it dual marked showing miles and kilometres and not just a kPH speedometer which is often in cars that have been imported.

    • Replies to Robert Youngman>

      Comment by Trevor posted on

      Absolutely. And age of tyres limited to 10 years.