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What will happen with the old MOT Computerisation equipment?

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VTS Device

DVSA has recently issued instructions to Authorised Examiners about how they can get rid of their old IT equipment (MOT Computerisation) after switching over to the new MOT testing service.

The VTS device and smart card reader will be turned off by Atos after MOT garages have switched over to the MOT testing service.

This equipment contains no sensitive data and doesn’t require any special disposal treatment, but garages are being asked to dispose of it responsibly and make sure it’s recycled.

Disposing of old IT equipment – advice for MOT garages

You can locally dispose of any old MOT Computerisation equipment you don’t want to keep along with your VTS device and smart card reader.

If you’re unable to dispose of this equipment yourself then you’ll be able to call Atos which will dispose of it for you.

In the meantime, you should continue to use your VTS device until you and your site have switched over to the new service.

You can find more details about how to dispose of your existing equipment on the old equipment section on GOV.UK.

Switchover information

To find out more about the switchover process and the new service visit the MOT Modernisation section on the GOV.UK website.

If you have any questions about making the move to the new service, email your VTS number, AE number and queries to

Please don’t contact your Area Office or the Customer Service Centre as they won’t be able to answer your questions.

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  1. Comment by Dave posted on

    Atos are behind this system as finance dept to DVSA - you remember them? - the same company that supposedly got removed from Benefit and Health claimants assessments. These clowns have been put in charge of yet another "Government Initiative" and already its failed.
    Could someone please explain the logic to this scenario?

    • Replies to Dave>

      Comment by mike posted on

      Just to clarify ATOS are not behind this system as a financial Dept to DVSA, I work on the service desk, that is supporting the transition to MOT 2, then its all over to you guys and DVSA. Our contract has ceased

  2. Comment by vinnie posted on

    here here its not good

  3. Comment by Chris ram posted on

    We've taken a ten year step back in time!! Only been on the new system a week and been writing mot out by hand progression ???

  4. Comment by Kevin posted on

    Yes what a great service we are getting we should be getting compensation for the amount of extra hours it is putting on our normal working day not to mention the stress it is causing also I have noticed the price of the test slots haven't changed when we have supply our own equipment why should we have to pay for slots

  5. Comment by Keith sanderson posted on

    Has the new system stopped the requirement to record equipment calibration dates

  6. Comment by l r craven posted on

    I have v5 doc but new system cant find vehicles been off road for years,it says I have to create a new document, why I already have a v5c, it cant retest a vehicle failed on old system, why cant it fill checklist with vehicle details as old system did, security appears to be pathetic, a backward step

  7. Comment by Gary Oliver posted on

    How do you feel that the mot log on can now be carried out by unscrutable personnel from any location? Gary.

    • Replies to Gary Oliver>

      Comment by Martin posted on

      The new system isn't fit for purpose how long are we going to have to put up with this abysmal service. The system is full of flaws, for something that has been developed over several years its a joke.
      Hang your heads in shame DVSA

      • Replies to Martin>

        Comment by Steve posted on

        Martin... I agree and as I come from 34 years in the IT industry let just say one thing..... in the "real world" BETA means test system. How can this incompetent government department go live with a test system? Shambles and a disgrace.