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Horror story: Brake disc

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When the owner of this vehicle dropped it off with Martin, at Discount Tyres in Sittingbourne for its MOT, they mentioned a noise which had been coming from the front of the vehicle when braking.

Martin offered to carry out an inspection of the brakes but the owner declined and asked only for the MOT to be done.

When driving the vehicle in for test, Martin noticed the ABS light was on. When carrying out the underside inspection, he couldn't see a brake disc on the nearside front, so decided to abandon the test.

horror story brake disc large
The picture shows what Martin found when he removed the wheel.

Martin abandoned the test as he felt it wasn’t possible to complete all aspects safely. A decision we can’t argue with. Obviously in situations like this, conducting a brake test would be out of the question.

If the rest of the test can be completed, without risk of further damage or injury, then the reason for rejection ‘Item not tested’ (RfR 3.7A1), could be used to fail the vehicle, along with a note that a brake test was not conducted.

Luckily this owner made it to their MOT before suffering more serious consequences.

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  1. Comment by andy posted on

    dvsa will never give you a straight answer. i am sick of contacting our ve. easier just not to bother anymore

  2. Comment by John Bishop posted on

    So are we supposed to use the "items not tested" or not? No grey areas

    • Replies to John Bishop>

      Comment by Matters of Testing posted on

      Hi John,

      only use 'items Not Tested' where appropriate, e.g. A tyre in a dangerous condition; engine rpm cannot be maintained within limits; dipped beam headlamp not working etc. The options available are only for brakes, emissions and headlamp aim.


      • Replies to Matters of Testing>

        Comment by Chris posted on

        Was told on my refresher that using items not tested i wassnt completing a full mot so if on retest i didn't check everything again i still haven't completed a full mot and could get points which would result in suspended from testing, my refresher was only back in November, so which is it and a guy i work with has just done his refresher this week and am sure he was told the same if u cant check everything safely or without causing damage its abandon test, so which is right.

    • Replies to John Bishop>

      Comment by Stuart posted on

      For those of you confused by items not tested I suggest you read special notice 05-14, where they changed their stance and allowed its use by nt's

  3. Comment by Dale posted on

    4-2-2 What a crazy idea.

  4. Comment by p arries posted on

    yes items not tested were only meant to be used by dvsa !!!
    but then again the non compulsory advise items have been thrown into turmoil after
    the "advice" issue has been thrown in just as the new testing platform is about to come into effect
    !!!!!!!!! give us a break and sort it out

  5. Comment by Paul posted on

    The vehicle fails on the brake bind, your unable to check the wheel bearing at that time, no advisory is given to say you could not check it. the customer takes the vehicle away and repairs the brake bind. He returns the vehicle for a partial retest, on checking the wheel bearing it is rough on rotation and fails the re test. Customer will love that!

  6. Comment by P GOODSPEED posted on

    crazy driver that one ! mind you we are told not to use items not tested !! here we go again,
    its never clear enough with dvsa..